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  1. Don't think HDB will allow the hacking.. My 3-rm oso c/w these steps but not the stum/block... I wld love to hv it though as it can serve as a seater for my visitors to wear shoes..
  2. Congrats on ur BTO & welcome to the 3-roomers' club & to RT! Wow, new flats are really small now-a-days! But with gd space planning & innovative design & furnishing, believe will turn out nice & cozy! Njoy ur reno journey! ^^
  3. Hi Seng, congrats on getting ur flat, & welcome to the 3-roomers' club & to RT! Hv a pleasent 1st appt on 元宵节/V-Day, & look forward to an exciting & smooth reno journey! The 'garden walkway' leading to ur unit very nicely done up, at least looks quite well-maintained.. but it does limit the walking space & will pose hindrance to ur reno (materials & furniture delivery, etc.)
  4. Hi bros, pardon me, but i think expanding the toilet (wet area) i.e. hacking the original toilet wall & pushing it out into the MBR is definitely a no-no by HDB.. do check it out first.. ur ID/contractor should be able to advise.. Most ppl i saw did their basin/vanity outside the toilet & builded an extra wall to screen this area instead. The flooring of this area is also often tiled up as washing at the basin will wet the floor (especially if the MBR is laminate flooring) Just sharing..
  5. Oh dear! After the drama at the sale, then all the hiccups during the reno, and now the reno gaps are unfolding.. Really hope 一切顺顺利利 for u in the coming Yr of the Horse!
  6. Ya, no need to rush to finish it if you could afford the time.. can watch the progress & quality/worksmanship closely.. Mine took almost 3 months even without any break.. more bcos the ID/contractor slow lor & hiccups along the way.. luckily i not in a rush.. Good luck!!
  7. So cheery! First CNY in ur new complete house! 恭喜恭喜!
  8. Sure! That's all part of the excitement isn't it? More to come hor bro! Feel free to share when ready. We can share our experiences too! Cheers! PS. Can PM me.. I may be able to share my detailed quotations (from multiple IDs) did up in a spreadsheet.. the prices may not be valid but the line items may be helpful
  9. Just to share, did a complete overhaul of my 28-yo 3A (74 sqm) abt 1.5 yr ago in 2012 at >$45K (prices might have changed since). Included everything except retained the 2 bedrms' flooring (overlaid with laminates) & 3 original metal door frames (living & bedrms).. also hacked the original storerm (2 walls) & re-erected it (2 new walls) into the kitchen area. However, agree with claypot that it may be difficiult to comment w/o looking at the details - scope & extent of work (e.g. how much carpentary; i have quite a fair bit) & quality of materials used (e.g. granite vs. solid surface for kitchen top)
  10. Hi claypot, congrats on ur unit, & welcome to the 3-roomers' club & to RT You have a very clean-cut unit which makes it easy to do space planning & furnishing.. Enjoy ur reno journey! Looking forward to see the transformation!
  11. U can still consider combining the common & MBR toilets into one with acess frm both the MBR & toilet. U could lock the toilet door tt opens to the MBR from the MBR so that guest could not access to ur MBR frm the toilet. Hv come across a RT forumer who did it. Like tt u could create a vanity and shower screen in the otherwise small toilets separately..
  12. Hi vincx, just ventured into ur t-Blog after saying hi to you in Songz's! Nice nice nice!!
  13. Hi vicx, sorry our posts crossed. Congrats & enjoy ur reno journey too! See that u've engaged 3D Innovations (I also did mine by 3D 1.5 yrs ago). Have read that Jimmy is a good ID! U are under gd hands!