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Guide To Upload Photos

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If you like to upload photos,

  • Go to Gallery tab at the top menu of the page.
  • Upload your photos to the correct category, click on options and copy the Image Link.
  • To share, click on the options button -> share links and copy it to your forum post.


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OK, I must remember to do it this way :

1. Sign in

2. Go to Gallery (if unsure, go to T-blogs and go via Pinned How to post photos post

3. When in gallery, choose category on RHS

4. At bottom, can see "Choose photo" or something like that. Click it, will take you to your PC, choose yr photo folder

5. Select yr photo. It uploads. Done.

6. To load that photo into a post in an existing or new thread, click to open new post window

7. Go via another window (that's how I do it) to the gallery category where I uploaded that photo, select that photo

8. Click on Options (it's a black box) on RHS

9. Choose the BB code, click in narrow window and copy the lot of code

10. Go back to you posting window and right-click and paste the BB code.

Your photo appears!

I post this here for reference cause I always forget how to do it.


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Soosah lah!

Correction one more time.

Delete the steps 9 and 10 in my post #8 above.

Replace with these steps -

9a. Choose and copy the Image Link code.

10a. Go to your posting window and select the Image icon (above the box where you write your stuff), and then Paste the code into the little box that appears.

Hope havent left out stuff, step(s) etc; or got them wrongly sequenced.

That's why I had to post these instructions here.


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