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Embarking On Our Nest

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Just some other updates!

Ah Ong's work is good!

See my living room tiles, cut until so nice! Thumbs up!!


Nice and straight!!

Then one side of kitchen, common toilet and master toilet tiles layed.

Image of kitchen


close up image of tiles.

Noticed that it seems slanted. Called Roy and he came down. Later explained that this is still ok since all tiles not up yet..


Master toilet tiles


The mess in living room. LOL




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anyone knows for toilet bowl - magnum or baron better?

Noticed universal union has promotion for baron toilet bowl with a basin.

Today a friend told me that toilet bowl if can get a better one so that our digested food will not stick to the bowl.

IF buy a not too good one, after a few scrubs, the layer of protection will come off and lead to the situation above?

Edited by kissryl

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Went to Mayer electronics fair on Friday and in the end, spent some $$.

Bought a display fridge. Yup, display one to save money.

And it's also a model and color which I never ever think I will buy.

Hitachi -WB550P2MS


*Available Now*Retail price was $1488 by Mega Discount Store.

Display was $1000.

Served by Roger of Mega Discount Store.

Then, heard from my friend that there seems to be a lot of items scratched during the fair, and went to check out my display.

Thankfully, looks ok!

But I splurged on one more item on Sunday.

Display again. Washing Machine. Original price $1788, discount at the fair was $400 off.

Overheard Roger's colleague saying new set at $1080 after we confirmed on the price of $920 for display set.

A big TSK.

But hubby again says display is ok and doesn't want to get a new piece.

So ya lo, display again.


Got the black one.

A little unhappy that I have to settle with displays.. When you have to stick to a budget, it really really sucks.

Sorry to whine here but ya, need a release outlet.



*dream kitchen busted*

I need to find alternatives design to my kitchen.

Hates it when "murphy" is in action.


Ha! I'm sooooooo different from you! I want a all-black kitchen but was stopped by my mom cause she don't like the whole house to be 'black black'. Anyway display sets are really the answer to budget-constraint peeps like us and if not for the fact that the display washing machines & refrigerators are all SOLD OUT at the household electrical fair when I visited it in June, I would have ordered display sets too. They are in good condition and we get a good discount off the normal retail price. Win-Win situation right? Hahaha... :D

Don't worry much! Black looks awesome too! :good:

Cheer up! :lol:


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Thanks funny Matthew! I went to check out your blog. LOL! Interesting!

Really didn't occur to me that I have to take note of seat covers too. hehe. Probably shall go ask on this too!

Bengologist, all black kitchen really looks very dark leh. lol.

I've decided to just get a black backsplash so I can mix and match my theme.

Now is really rojak theme. But more of black and white instead of all white..

(I still like all white) lololol.

I totally no concept on how my house is gonna be already... mm...

Because of black and white concept, it seems more of to be a lux theme? lux theme expensive lehhh..

Anyway, went to check out house at night.

Kitchen floor tiles done! Toilet floor tiles done!


I'm happy...


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some pictures of living area/ dining area/ bedroom/ kitchen that I like.

First two pictures are from a resident in punggol. A fren sent me these two pictures.. So sorry to post without acknowledgement (cause I have no idea who) but I really really sincerely like your pictures!

I like the little color splash here and there! love the dining table but not sure if able to match my black/white kitchen


really like this bedroom too! looks simple yet awesomely cosy


Some images of kitchen ideas!



All black kitchen~



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Bought my sofa from Cellini during their fabric sofa sales.

Will post up pictures of it later.

Currently, headache on how to run our aircon pipings.

Cause Roy advised not to run from bedroom 3 to toilet for practical reasons - if anything wrong with aircon, we will have to smash toilet tiles down too.

But suggested route by aircon guy, also not really my preference.

because it will be across the wall where I will be mounting my tv. Everytime watch tv look up, will see the trunking.

Also discussed on elec points and lighting points with roy.

But received quote, realised out of budget.

Gotta re-discuss on this... very impt to stick to the budget as well... T.T sigh.

Floorings for all toilets up. Wall tiles partial.

saw my common toilet feature wall up and I look it. Although there is no contrast but ya, still looks good. HAHAHA.

Cause I choose it ma... =X

Havent been able to take much photos cause our trips are usually at night..

Going slow and steady here...


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Bought my sofa.

here's an image of it!


and here's my common toilet feature wall.. Loving it totally! OMG.

common toilet


this is MBR's toilet.

Love the mosaic tiles!


And the feature of MBR toilet - it's at the side where the toilet bowl will be LOL.



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kitchen walls all up! (tiles for quite long already!)

Just had to put in the groutings..


Washing machine and sink area! very very small place and unlike BTO's service yard!


I also just had to show my shifted common toilet door!

If only I had taken a before picture - Then I can show how pleased I am with my shifted door and how silly the previous door is located at.


Bought my downlights and cove lights too

Bombed wallet - total $710 ($530 for Philips LED down lights, warm white and $180 for Philips T5 cool white with cable links)

*turning avatar soon*

By the way, met up a friend who is in the designing line.

Please really do not get china downlights, cause not lasting.

She had faced so many issues with her customers buying china downlights despite her reminders to get a reliable brand.

Also, LED please. Led saves so much more on the bill as compared to normal lights!

So ya, sacrificed few hundreds for LED downlight and for a more reliable brand!

She also advised against black painted wall! Hand prints will be everywhere on the wall and you can't just wipe it off that easily.

BTW, in case you guys are curious, we didn't sign up with this friend cause she had too many ongoing projects at that time.

Today, gotta decide on laminates! Roy is really nice somehow.

Threw in black pvc internal laminates for TV console, and gave a little discount on electricals because he think that it is essential.

We had wanted to cut down on some points to save money but he just say, aiya give you a round figure, just do it. LOL.

Only thing is, if you are someone who wants nice 3d images, expect ID to follow you to buy things and to suggest things because you have no idea what you want, it's a little tough here.

Roy mentioned that he is not particularly someone who believes in 3d images (but I still want my revised 3d images actually). Gotta think through it. Reason being, it is not accurate.

There are many ids/contractors out there who simply recycle the 3d Images without taking into consideration of practicality.

Roy's pattern is that he will draw out the layout and take into consideration of practicality.

He will explain if to do up drawers or cabinets where and to maximise space the best he can.

Probably I will show the example once the cabinets are done up.

I also did my own shopping for furniture and all.. Didn't asked Roy to follow.. Also don't know why.

I do not know if he goes furniture shopping with customers or not, so i can't really comment on this.

There are a lot of things that he will also say, it depends on yourself really.

For eg, cove lights and down lights - whether you want a cosy feel or bright feel.

This one I'm stuck, really.

I have no idea. Im worried about the really yellowish look that warm light could give and yet too bright might make the house look harsh.

So called but was told that it's up to me.

In the end, I asked Philips showroom lighting advisor and decided on warm white for downlights and cool white for t5.

I believe, it could be possible that he still prefers for customers to make their own choice, in case that clients come back and say "hey why you choose this for me?".


today gonna choose paint, decided with hub that we shouldn't be cracking our head on what color to choose and match.

If not, why did i hire an id? it does feels like I'm doing most of the work now.

and... i really want my revised 3d images... mmm..


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well.. i just kinda figured that because I had too many lobangs maybe.

have asked for friends' help here and there for discounts and we keep our own lookout for discounts too.

therefore, we bought our own lightings without him around, kdk fans from m'sia (it's really half price but i'm getting a damned grey instead of white), our sofa too because there was cellini sale, curtains from expo sales, toilet fittings will be from getting discount cause of friend's friend too, appliances also from expo sales, quartz top also got friend's friend discount...

I'm a budget lady here...

Overall, till date, it is still a very pleasant reno experience. I dont have to worry about the tiles at all because there is only one tiler doing it. That explains the slow progress which Roy feels bad but we are perfectly fine about. We prefer slow and good work...

So I'm still thinking what I need to get..

1) shoe cabinet

2) Carpet

3) study table

4) beanbags from cellini, we don't want the ugly brown

5) Toilet fittings

6) Hob

7) Don't know if can get one or two song cho items or not

sigh,i'm feeling a little blue.. apart from avator blue bcos of budget.

Theme is now monochrome, black, white, grey.

I can't seem to feel how nice my house will be any more.

Don't feel that sofa match, neither does the fan even though both are grey.

Don't know leh.. maybe high expectations, can't attain the feel that I want because of budget.

So down.. haiz.


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Ur black washing machine v chio! Nice!

Hi Project H, thanks!

Come to think about it, ya it is actually quite chio! haha. love my fridge too! =))


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I have decided on my colors for walls, laminates and wardrobe design/ layout!

All white for living.

Grey for main wall, white for other 3 walls

Grey and light grey for common room 3

Pink and grey for common room 2!

Also went to splurge more for track lights at lighting.com.sg --> 1 metre track $10 and light holder at $12 each, got 4 of them. So total $58

Then Philips Led bulbs, another $100 plus. Jason Young, very very good and spontaneous guy!

Young chap, a little ah bengish but very very friendly and knows his things well.

Biggest bust on wallet today - TOILET FITTINGS

Bought it at heritage bathroom gallery, served by Jayden.

Very friendly guy too and gave some discounts since we got practically everything.

Also bought some stuff that surprise me - Hobz stainless steel hob and Sona water heater.

Like seriously? Never my intention to buy these two brands with no reviews lo. :unsure:



... .... ....

reached max sian-ness here.


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more pictures of today's splurge..


wash cabinet basin, stainless steel, will be getting it in white


tap for master bedroom's sink, second from left


to match with this sink!


rain shower set, second from left. not grohe, unknown brand but still looks good.


toilet bowls, smaller ones but it's 6 inch base and not 4 inch. 4 inch choices very limited.


common toilet tap. something simple..

For kitchen sink, bought undermount stainless steel sink - brand, Elkay.

ID says to go for undermount and ya, so undermount it will be lo.

other stuff includes joven 15L storage heater, bidget spray, towel rack, mirror, glass shelf, paper holder....


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Kitchen sink tap, the one from right.

Matches our matt elkay sink.


square track light holder... Love this too!

More or less, items are all settled.

Nothing more to buy. Thankfully!


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