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Embarking On Our Nest

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Hacking away this kitchen wall to make way for extended wall and fixed glass panel/ sliding door!


View from Master bedroom. Part of dining area and living area.


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Hello jaff so sorry, i haven't log in nor update!

I wouldn't be changing the living room tiles. Only changing my kitchen tiles because of the design i want!

A little waste, but let's hope all worth's it!


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I was busy with work so much that I missed to post on few more things down!

Submitted my renovation loan on Saturday, pending for approval now!

Then on the same day, went to Lian Seng Hin to choose my tiles!

Very happy and tiring progress!

One thing I must say, I'm very surprise that Roy actually allows us to choose tiles even before we pay him!

So here goes the picture of the tiles I have chosen!





Roy has an idea about the common toilet tiles, whereby he will use the all black tile and cut it into thin slabs.

Then, it will alternate with the wall tile we have chosen (grey) like tic-tac-toe for the feature wall of common toilet.

I can't really picture it.

Therefore, gonna ask him whatsapp a picture or probably show us in the 3D =)

then, my



I really like the feature wall of the master toilet!


I'm really getting egg-cited over this! =)


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One thing was my friend warned me about homogenous tiles, certamic tiles.

Called up Lian Seng Hin on the tiles I have chosen.

Apart from my master toilet tiles, the rest are porcelain tiles. Kitchen wall tiles are ceramic.

Was told that it is still as hardy and can be used for outdoors. Therefore, it is still ok.

However, when asked others, I was told to avoid ceramic tiles at all cost.

The thing is, porcelain is in the mid of ceramic and homogenous tiles.

So... how bad is bad for porcelain tiles? Is it really that bad till it shouldn't even be considered?

Planning to ask Roy when we meet up tomorrow.

Also one more thing that I forgotten to add on.

Roy wanted to start on renovation coming Monday! But we haven't even gotten any news about our loan.

Very nice guy, I will say! He just say, no worries since we are gonna do renovation anyway. If it's not approved, try another bank!


I'm surprised he's not worried we will run away. LOL.

Also just to share.

I was talking to my brother in law.

Before reno, please buy apple, orange, li (pear), banana and pineapple to pray.

Then, at every corner of the house, to throw rice.

After all this, to use a hammer to knock (i don't know where yet) to signify that renovation is gonna start.

Happy renovation all. =)


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Went to meet up the ID on Saturday at new house. Happy to say that I will be choosing tiles on Saturday!

Yes, there will also be 3d Drawings...

I just need to get my renovation loan done up.

Considering DBS's renovation loan because it is on monthly rest!

So don't get confused peeps, and think that a lower number = lesser interest.

Got to know that by straining my eyes and calculating the interest for comparison sake.

Keeping my fingers crossed and may my loan be approved!

I have also taken some pictures of new house. Thing is, I really feel that the previous owner maintained it well.

Only cons of the house is the level of the house and some issues we are facing with it now - thanks to previous owner (Guess that explains much).

Hi kissryl,

may i know what is the interest rate for DBS? TIA.


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Saturday met up with Roy.

Went to new house, did up all the marks on what is to be dismantled or hacked and what's not.

Also layed floor protection.

Very happy to get this started.

Perhaps a little weird since I have not gotten my 3D drawings.

It's like he is so familiar with what is going on until he perfectly knows what he needs to do.

3D drawing of kitchen and living expected latest this or next week.

Bedroom 3 - Built in wardrobe here


Master Bedroom - Built in wardrobe, 2 ft fake wall where the beam is (so I can place my bed in the middle of room), Master toilet


Living Room - wallpaper, tv console, windows


Supposedly dining area - But we are not placing anything here. Nothing done for this area, except for hacking away the kitchen wall that links to this dining area.



Wall Corners


kitchen cabinets/ kitchen wall tiles




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Hacking started! Went to check the progress, all hacked and the kitchen wall is also down (after approval from HDB).

Windows up! Thanks to Jimmy from Jit Sheng Aluminium. I love my new windows as compared to the old style brown windows!

Brighten up the house instanteneously.

I have also shopped for appliances but ya, too lazy to post them up at times.
Cause it's like no one reads anyway. HAHA.

But, decided to continue because at least there's a testimonial for all the stores/ ids/ etc and sorta prove I am his customer and not him, doing it.

Doubt he has the time to do such things anyway

Changing one of my tiles because I didn't quite like what he suggested. OOPs. I know too well what I prefer, oughta say no the day itself.

Window of the rooms



opaque glass for corridor room while clear for kitchen, master and common room.. =)

Happy with my windows. I'm so happy that hub likes it too, when he initially objected to the idea of changing the windows.

All thanks to my dear mother in law who persuaded him to change everything at one go, dirty also dirty once, pay and shiong for the wallet at one go

*feels like giving her a big hug*

Also thumbs up for Jimmy of Jit Sheng Aluminium! Called me on Monday to check when he can get the windows up and wednesday, he is there to do up the windows. =)

kitchen wall down!!!


The kitchen looks spacious now... and the hacking was done super well!
Initially was so worried it will affect my living floor tiles but all good.

Thumbs up for Roy's own contractor work. Shall find a day to buy drinks for him and his workers..

The wall panel on the right hand side will be extended. So that when i walk in I will not see the kitchen windows.

A little pantang here... Mmm..

MBR toilet, all gone. Can't take common toilet cause all lights gone for both kitchen and common toilet


Wall corners gone.. wires exposed!


Tiles!!!! My tiles are here!!


Roy is efficient.I still feel he is rather experienced, and he probably will not give u a schedule too. Cause to him is, he will get things done in the end. same pattern as hub..

Oh and he will also drop a message to inform that he is overseas. No worries of suddenly can't contacting him, none of the kind of frustrations and all.

Shall post photos of the appliances next.. Been shopping but not uploading the images.

And photos of my ideal house!

oh, one thing is i haven't got my 3d. Today, hopefully.

Edited by kissryl

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some pictures that i hope that can do up my house similarly.

Pictures are taken from too many sources that I can't remember which is which.

very sorry as there is no intention to rip off! Just feel that these pics are nice works done.

Sources are likely to be R&R, WeiK, etc. If required I will remove the pictures.

Brick wallpaper. Won't be doing up craftstone (understand that it is real bricks pieced together one by one)


A comfy sette by the shoe rack, hopefully.

But I will not be able to put pic frames cause of window..


above image from weiken (wk) fb.

Love this all white theme. However, unlikely to be able to attain this. Hub against white sofa. And we are also not doing half glass wall considering the kitchen is super warm in the noon and night.

This photo from R&R likely


Hope to achieve something similar to this

This photo credit to BM, full name didn't come out dunno why


hopefully i can do up a toilet like this! I'm not choosing white wall tiles tho.. mmm..


Edited by kissryl

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