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  1. Hihi retchlow! Good to see u ard! Thot no one is reading so didn't update my t-blog. Tx for dropping by! Anyway, after three massages, one tuina later, i finally have the energy to write. Cleaning, packing and unpacking is no joke. Will write a review on Alan once I more or less settled. There are good days and bad days of Alan. If he's in a bad mood, he can be defensive when u tell him things. But if u catch him in a good mood, he can be rather nice. Going to settle the final payment with him soon. But overall, house is lovely. Both parents loved the cosy feel and even my fsm said she visited many places and she liked the feel of our house. Many thanks to lots of renotalk members who guide me along and lots of inspirational pictures. Starhub is coming over to install broadband later so will upload photos once I finished unpacking. (Boxes everywhere!) But it shall be ready for three parties in the next two weeks.
  2. Sigh! I m in the same position as him!! My hub is away thurs-tues and so i decided to engage a part-time help this Sat or else no way the house will be ready by 10th.. And boy was I grumpy last week! Hub have to really pacify me. Can tell him to go chuan qi dao for tuina! Super painful (although they insisted they nv use any force and juz that my shoulder is really tense) Really felt btr after that! Theres a branch at je. Actually engage a part-time help is cheaper! Massage and tuina is more ex!
  3. No photos yet coz I m dying babe! Totally feel u re cleaning the place. Hub was bz and left me alone cleaning for two days.. I had to take ibufen the first nite n went for massge n tuina after one week of cleaning..boo Thot will hv more satisfaction doing own cleaning! Big wrong... Howz ur new plc? Shld go visit each other plc soon! Haha! I wanna play bubble!
  4. Very cool ideal babe! Thums up!
  5. Very cosy n warm! Cute tiffany doggy! Hee Must b excited to host xmas gatherings!
  6. Dun stress urself! What a nitemare!
  7. Try getting track light holders from taobao when ur existing ones cmi.. At least cheaper to replace!
  8. If u hv any update i will read de.. Lol.. Juz that ur previous case of water leaking i m not too sure myself so nv advise.. Finally graduating soon.. Moving barang next wed but official 10th Dec!
  9. Hi june, u got ur led lights locally? If got issue, can ask shop to exchange for u..
  10. Hi there! I didnt use amcon. http://ship2order.com/. They do charge either weight or volume. My first order is charge by weight and second order (chairs) by volume. Maybe u can check them out if u cant't find anyone to tombang. HTH!
  11. R there more photos? Show us on renotalk retchlow! Hee!! (Sorry to hijake ur blog sharon) Sharon, ur reno is progressing pretty fast! Looking great!