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Pastels, Wood & Cats: A Soothing 3-Room Flat

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@Trish, Thanks for the encouraging words. We hope you find your dream flat in the west! Grilles can be customised although for window grilles the ones with patterns are usually more precast moulds. It is very nice to design and live in your own pad. Let us know if there are any ways we can help with info.

@jameoz, the dining table is a marble and wood one. Trying to get a bit of old fashioned coffee shop feel. We customised it from Summit House at International Furniture Centre at $800. There was a round version with beautiful legs which we loved. But went for the rectangular as it fit our home design and better use of space. The chairs are extremely solid heavy wood, for $120 per chair ( package) and they are a steal, as we saw several other marble/wood tables like the kind at Ya Kun style, and the chairs were of lesser quality at $200 per chair. These are seriously good chairs. The marble is beautiful too. If you do shop there -- be sure to get the handphone number of the shop owner/sales guy. The shop allows you to select the marble piece of your choice before they mount it onto the table, but setting up the appointment to select the marble is not easy and best to have a way to call the shop owner directly.

@Domokun541 and Danmify, PM-ed both of you our ID's contact!

@weezersg, soothing and comfy -- yes yes yes... a home is a place of relaxation and it's very quiet here also.

awesome thanks so much for sharing! :)


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Hi amirahpaul,

I like how you keep the renovation simple and nice. Your house is so aesthetically pleasing without breaking the bank.

May I ask more about the performance of the fan? Is providing enough wind? Noise level? Hope that your cat had got used to it already. =)

If possible, can share your ID Daniel contact number and quotation with me? If alright too, would like the contact of Hau Hau's Mr. Lee too. =P




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I have been wanting to find out regarding the kind of window grille which is safe for cats. As I will be getting my new BTO flat next year I'm currently surveying various contractors and renovation company that do window grille which also will be safe for cats because I will be staying at the 26th floor. So far, I found out that there is an invisible window grille but I'm not that confident about the material which is being used.

Can you recommend me the contractor or renovation company that did your window grille as well as your entrance gate?

It will really help!



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Hi amirahpaul,

Thanks for sharing your cat friendly ideas. Thinking of doing similar window grilles for my new house too. Can you send me the contact for the custom made window grilles and the retro main gate??

Many thanks!


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Thanks. It's 74sqm. Seems a little more spacious than the average 3 roomer.

However, there is no aircon ledge and there isn't really service yard like the new BTOs.

Service yard





Mind to share where do you bought it pull up & down cloth rack?

How much is the price?



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Hi everyone, thanks for the warm reception.

Didn't really realise that the ceiling is that high. How high is the typical ceiling? The ID did mention he had to build a bit more cabinetry and MBR wardrobe. He was cool about it and absorbed the cost though.

To the other cat lovers here, it's good to hear from you guys! Somehow before our reno there didn't seem to be many renotalk bloggers who had cats so hopefully our experience will help everyone who has more than humans to plan for.

#Just4fun, I wanted to PM you about the location of our flat but the system said this user can't receive messages. Is there another way for me to PM you?

#Mellenur, the fan isn't a Haiku thou we did love the look of the Haiku, we thought it was overpriced as they seem to cost around $1.1 to $1.2K. We got a fan from Amasco at 135 Joo Seng Rd. The model is "Hugger" methinks. Cost $700 which isn't the cheapest but it had the least depth which allows it to stick as closer to the ceiling than normal ceiling fans, which is good for HDBs. The fan looks quite nice up there but it's a bit of a white elephant right now because Nuri hates it because we didn't have a ceiling fan before. She thinks it's a predator bird and she just hides away or crawls around when it is turned on. We are still trying to train her to get used to it. If anyone knows how to train a cat to get used to a scary black ceiling fan please do let us know!

Common Toilet

We asked for the door to be shifted so as to be able to create a glass door shower box, and a dry area for the toilet bowl and sink. A few IDs we spoke to claimed it could not be done, but our ID was diligent in checking HDB guidlines and getting the necessary approval, so it worked! Also we decided to box up the unsightly pipes which are common in older HDB flats. Some people paint it and they can be cool and industrial but our look was not so raw. It enabled us to do some recessed shelving for the shower gels and bath items.

We found awesome Peranakan like tiles we both loved, and our ID designed how they were interspersed horizontally with the normal tiles so that it was soothing and not overwhelming. Honestly, with some other less design focused ID, we would probably have just put all the peranakan tiles on one single wall and it would not have been very balanced. Kudos to Daniel, we loved the effect.





Before - large visible pipes:


After - box up area with recessed shelf:


Closeup of wall tiles:


Closeup of created glass shower stall. Previously the toilet entrance was directly opposite where the exposed pipes.



I like your kitchen and toilet design a lot. Where did you get the toilet cabinet and how much did the entire reno cost? Can pm me the details? :)





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Hi everyone, very sorry for not updating our blog for several months -- once work started piling up, it's tough to keep up with many commitments. Our sincere apologies to those who sent us queries -- I guess it won't be very useful for us to reply now as the time lag is several months.

However, we're back with a final update because of recent reno matter. We've had trouble sleeping well because of the noisy road next to our bedroom. We didn't change the windows when we renovated because the previous owner's sliding windows were still ok. But two weeks back, we decided to change the bedroom windows to double-glazed, panel windows, which keep out noise more effectively. It worked really well -- noise is down by around 60%.

To get the windows changed, we went back to our ID, Daniel from Ideal House. Readers of our blog would recall we had a very good experience with him. He exceeded our expectations this time as well.

Firstly, the quote was very reasonable. Secondly, he arranged for the wall around the window frame to be repainted for free, along with some other parts of our wall which needed repainting due to wall seepage (HDB/town council issue -- we've fixed that). Lastly, he remained very helpful in checking our place for other things that needed rectification. We really really appreciate his fantastic service.

We've also gotten his permission to post his mobile number here in case you would like to consider him. Daniel's mobile number is 96616034.

You can see our detailed review of Daniel here: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/63649-pastels-wood-cats-a-soothing-3-room-flat/?p=834433

Here's a pic of our new windows -- more 'messy' than our original, but much better sound-proofing.


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