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hi all, i would like to know whether it is possible to purchase the following power switch from Taobao and used in Singapore? It is really expensive to buy here. please advice



Thanks a lot!

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i suggest that u used items that carries an electrical standard, be it SS (Singapore standard) or BS (British standard). Unapproved items may cause hazards even when installed properly. :no:

Its probably more expensive here bcoz these kind of switches go thru safety checks & given safety marks. :jammin:

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Tink safety 1st before cost.

Drink coffee daily, safe?

Walking on pavement, safe? With earpiece?

20yrs back, buses packed with passengers some standing on steps w/o door, safety?


Stomach full first then talk about safety!


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Guess the topic was abt power switches.Like retromotoracer noted,cost of SS/BS (electrical standards)switches are higher becos they go thru many safety checks and given safety marks.

If the ones in Taobao fits those standards and are cheaper..go ahead.

Bro,yrs ago,ppl worked in high storey buildings w/o any safety-line resulting in deaths,causing their families to lose their loved ones.

Safety is useful only if u engage it in the proper way.

Walk ANYwhere with earpiece in ear & if any accidents happen,then only themselves to blame.


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Indeed topic on PS and online stuff...

Be realistic and able to blend in with environment for 'survival & growth'. Applicable to anything & everything living on earth.

- Anything & everything need 'safety' consideration, else even if one earns the whole but lose yr life what's the point?

- 'Advanced' countries always stress 'safety', the 'poorer' ones? Why? Simply 'safety' pays & it is part of 'cost'.

- Less cost less safety - simple logic, however, the issue is consumers demand less cost with 'high safety' product /services with warranty?

- Anyway, warranty constitutes part of cost.

- Online purchasing/consumption patterns trending up, globally, physical finished goods 'fly' from one country to another, deliver to door step.

- Payment/delivery terms? Goods return policy?Warranty?Cost?Quality?Wrong goods delivery? Believed most youngsters didn't even aware of 'terms', then buy, buy, buy, either blame or enjoy that follow.

- Each countries have 'their' industrial standards. AS,BS,DIN, GOST, ANSI, JIS,....until IEC comes in shouting for 'hey! let's have one common standard...' so?

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