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  1. Good for you emolimm, not everyone's lucky as yourself..wow u got ur 3D drawings...till today i wasn't shown my 3D drawings...& i just finished my final payment yesterday(aft some discussion) ,since i handed over to them in late January 2015.
  2. Mine was inside the package,toilet accessories.you might wanna talk to the id n see he/she willing to help ya out.You can also talk to any of the contractors if they can help out also. But they wud probably note if they do, they won't be answerable if tiles crack while drilling. If ya wanna do yourself, hint, drill alone the groves between two tiles.Gd luck.
  3. U too had a rough journey with them, jus like me...my cabinet too, took the most time..due to that i couldn't move in,on my intended time.I moved in as i had no choice as i put off few months for them to rectify problems and i had other items pending to be delivered to the flat.Can't keep pushing delivery dates cos they keep pushing the handing over date. It's frustrating & tiring also.hope u get ur hos done fast n not delaying further.
  4. Not bit slow, But super slow.Handover to them on Jan 2015,to date,No handing over from them.And flooring/door done by HDB.
  5. Jus curious, what's Kompacplus guys?
  6. Anything not in package are additional cost, like additional kitchen cabinets.. Do have a budget. See your 3D drawing. I'm yet to see mine,& most of work are done.
  7. Sorry guys had to remove the post as it has some typo errors, so will rewrite n post soon. As for the ID, (to me) end of the day, it's the company's reputation which will be highlighted & how it manages issues from each project. If any issues, take it up with the ID.Maintain good communication with the ID. On the account, you cant come to an agreement, talk to higher personnel. The company is registered with RADAC, so you can approach them to be middleman. Radac was set up by the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) in 1986 to provide greater control in the renovation industry. Recognising Radacs importance, growth and capability, Cases Central Committee recommended that Radac operate as an independent body not only to look after the interests of consumers at large, but also to improve the standard and quality of renovation and meet the demand of more sophisticated consumers. In 1995, Radac was registered as an independent voluntary, non-profit consumer-based body comprising of council members from practising professionals in the real estate, construction and other industries. Being a registration body, Radac accredits and registers qualified renovators in its Singapore National Registry of Accredited Renovators. These renovators are given the accreditation and recognition as Radac-accredited renovators. They are not members of Radac. Your final approach wud be CASE, if nothing works out.
  8. If use wireless how?dunt tink current wireless modem given by singtel/starhub are strong for whole hos..if use repeater ,will it be better?
  9. Hi there,do have a budget in mind.When u meet up with IDs,state your budget first.Adding false ceilings,led lighting,'L' box,Will add weight on to your wallet.Nowadays they have packages.So u might wanna start from there.See as many ID as you wan..Jus dun sign w/o comparing with other quoted prices and designs carefully. Gd luck.
  10. Hi Tim, are you able to quote me Toshiba,system 2? Thanks
  11. Hmm,I'm with under mount..I mean how often sinks get spoilt? Haven been using undermount Sink for more then 20yrs...no issue.
  12. Hi Kelvin Tan, can share ur electrician contact? Thanks. I'm getting keys in afew weeks.
  13. Was Quoted $1352 by ID for Labour n materials to run 26 lighting points + installation. Reasonable?? BTO comes with light switches,scv point,powerpoint switches.