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Our 1St Home After So Long...

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Hi all,gallery_66396_3_23389.jpeg

After 4 years of waiting, we finally gotten our BTO keys! Its a typical 4 room floor plan however we opted out for the doors not because the doors are not good, its because they are so not flexible like PD doors in the end they will still be removed and changed. And also we do not want to have such a mainstream doors for the bathroom, I promise you can never imagine it in my home. Stay tuned! So excited!!! So ya here's our floor plan~

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Living (Taken from main door entrance)


Living (Intended space for 50-inch TV and simple wooden plank as console)


Thats me aha! :rolleyes: View of living from window

Brought 2 extra foldable chairs to sit while inspecting our new house and don't forget a door stopper :jammin:


View of living from kitchen


Intended to do chalkboard wall on this side of the wall(dining table and chairs will be place here) should I do the whole wall?


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Things we have already bought:


1) A king-size Slumberland mattress with storage bedframe (Expo) $2700

2) Ikea Master Bathroom Double Basin $395

2) Ikea Norden gateleg as our dining table $169

4) Ikea Nordmyra as our dining chairs x 4 $180

5) Ikea Justina dining chairs pad x 4 $20

6) Ikea Tracklights for the kitchen $79

Taobao Loots

Frosted film x 4 for the walk-in wardrobe


Kitchen Flexible Faucet


Master Bathroom Double Basin Taps


Toilet Roll holder x 2


Knife set


Large Round black x 2 for both bathrooms / Large Oval Black for service yard


304 stainless steel corner shelves for Bathroom x 2


Matt black door handle x 2 for master bedroom and bedroom 3




304 stainless steel towel rack for Bathroom x 2


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Just a quick update since we have collected keys and submitted our defects to BSC but it clashes with CNY so rectifying the defects comes to a halt. Called BSC yesterday, yet another week needed Argh!! When can we start our reno??

@countryglow: Oh hello there! Yea! =p

@benetay: A little lost as well as we do not have a fix theme.


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We also didn't had a fix theme like scandi, industrial, it is okay as well. Just discuss with your ID a rough idea and they can propose to you. Have a good discussion between the both of you to come to an alignment what do you both want.

For example, during our reno discussion, there is an item which is not in the quote and we wanted it, you can just ask them to add and do it for you. No harm to add or remove during the progress.

Start with the floor plan and where is important to the both of you, for example, the toilet, the MBR...etc...and slowly work your way and eventually you have a 'theme' of your own. like us, we are Themeless...



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We are so slow in purchasing stuffs for our new home.


Spent a few of my off days visiting Courts, HN, GC and AH and talked to several TV salesman. We have learnt alot from them its true! Initially we had a budget of $1500 for 2 TVs (50inch for living and 32inch for master bedroom)which is feasible because we just wanted basic TVs. But after we know how to choose a TV that suit our needs in a long run, we became picky. We realized that are no perfect TV, just choose 1 that suit you. We learnt that only Sony, Samsung and LG had the latest 4K/Ultra HD technology compared with the usual full HD with 4X the resolution that make pictures clearer and motion smoother. Among these 3 brands, if we are looking at at least 50inch for our living, samsung is way too over our budget because they paid alot on advertising so you know why samsung tv is expensive now. Sony or LG now?? Let the man decide. Man decides on LG. With 3D function $1799 w/o $1699. The salesman is right "you can't make a TV have 3D function but you can buy a 3D TV and disable it when you don't need it" So confirm is LG liao loh. But LG only have 49inch or 55inch with a price difference of <500. So we think 49inch and 50inch not much difference and we do not want to fork out more money for TV, we settled for this LG model.

49UB830T 49 inch 3D Smart Ultra HD


Bought this fridge by impulse because of sale at HN. Hopefully it will last us.

Side by SIde Electrolux Fridge ESE5608TA


Same model with 7.5kg and 8kg price difference about $200. We don't think 0.5kg makes a diff and also we realized that only HN carries 7.5kg so back to HN again..

Front Load LG Washer 7.5kg WD1475TDT


Any good recommendation for chimney hood and stainless steel hob below 1k?

Went to citygas showroom to see their hobs and turbo brands. And hoekee to see bosch, ariston and fujioh. So now we are contemplating between hobz(my parents place), turbo(his parents place) and bosch mainly because I like their chimney design. So how to choose?? :dunno:

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*wave wave*~~ 258A babe:) And you?

From 259A!

Anyway one thing to note, if you are going for top and bottom cabinet (with dish rack) your kitchen tap wont fit in.

I bought almost exact same tap (height: 73cm) it is too tall!

Have to sell away and get a shorter one. Less than 50cm is the ideal.


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