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Renozilla-Ville (Accidentally Danish)

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Went over today to take a look once again after an uneventful visit to Commune's warehouse sale.
Some daytime shots for comparison.

Steps still yet to be fixed (paint to be removed)


Living room

Living room lights & fan

Looking in



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Living space cont'd



Our study table looking out

Walk-in-wardrobe/common toilet

Common toilet, might need to rectify some bits here to improve ventilation.


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Common toilet walnut lamp (by Tove adman) ((with a note to shift it up by 50mm))
A fancy bulb might look better but for usability and brightness, a normal energy saving bulb is much more effective.

Master bedroom in the daytime



And the master bedroom toilet


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Hi Renozilla,

May I know where n how much u bought the flowerpot lamp & walnut lamp?

Is the flowerpot lamp bright enough for the dinning area?


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Middle of week 7 update:

Went over to review a list of final touchups and revisions and it looks like the major renovation is pretty much done. Maybe 90% complete? With only some simple work and cleaning up needed to be done.

Now we will need to source for roller blinds and start planning our move. All in, i think our contractor works really quick. We were told minimum of 9 weeks but it seems by end of week 7, all done.

Will be going over this weekend to set up our sofa (and maybe bedframe) and do some additional cleaning. (Contractor mentioned that first few days for 1-2 weeks after reno there we be dust settling everywhere even after a day of cleaning)

Will try to get more pictures once everything gets cleaned up and a sofa set up

Edited by Renozilla

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wow, everything looking good. can you pm me ur contractor contacts? he have an electrician to liase with direct? or you got your own electrician too?


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End of week 7! Not that much was done this week since most of the work has already been completed. There are still some small things here and there that need looking at but overall i think our renovation is pretty much completed.




We spent the weekend doing some big cleaning at our new place, and after much dusting, finally set up our sofa on saturday!



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We also brought along our new outdoor chair and framed up artwork over on saturday


Here's a look at the rest of the house after some cleaning up. Here's the study, not that much to see cos there's not that much inside.


Looking towards the WIW and common toilet from the study (pls excuse the vacuum cleaner):


Common toilet once again, no change.


MBR, still abit messy with the unassembled bedframe...


MBR wardrobe


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After much cleaning on satuday, we made use of the shower for the very first time :P


Window bay in MBR

Cleaning house is tiring work!



She seems to like the chair :)



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Saturday went by really quickly with all the cleaning and on Sunday we went over again for cleaning part 2! We also brought along a new table. Doggies stayed home today.

Blu Dot Grotto sofa from Grafunkt, Neon table from GFNKT by Grafunkt, Sixties armchair from Fermob.


How the sofa and chair looks


With lots of cleaning to do, i didn't take much pics today.


We tried to put the bedframe together but didn't have the right tools today. Fail. :(


Cleaning (and steam mopping) all done, we let the air cleaner do its thing for the next couple of hours and called it a day. Week 8 should be easier i hope. Fridge, blinds and internets (and cooker hob) coming soon!


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Fridge and internets went in yesterday. Might need to shift the fridge a bit more to the middle. (+ even after running the air cleaner for 4 hours after our initial washing up, there was still dust today... looks like more mopping up is in order this coming weekend)


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Nice place you've got there! I like the simplicity of it

Thanks! Still getting there... and hopefully we can keep it clutter free after moving in too.


So at end of week 8, not that much has changed since the bulk of the work has been done.

Hitachi fridge arrived on time but the same cannot be said of the Electrolux cooking hob. Both were bought at Harvey Norman.

The "Out of stock" Electrolux hob was promised to us on the day we bought to have new stocks come in on the end of march / early april. Fast forward to early april and a call to Harvey Normal was met with confusion and in the end they told us stocks will only arrive end of April / early May with a promise of delivery and installation to make up for the delay.

Ends up when stock arrived, we arranged for a delivery last friday. Delivery time was supposed to be between 2-6pm. Ends up it only arrived at 730pm and there was only a deliveryman, no one to help with the installation! Electrolux customer service told me there would be installation when i called them between 5-6pm to question them on their late status delivery. And all they could say for the lateness was that they "don't know what's going on with the driver"

A call to Harvey Normal then revealed that delivery and installation was to be on different days and they failed to inform us earlier and we have to arrange for ANOTHER day for installation.

So that's our one and last experience with Electrolux. Never again. Customer service = 0


In other news, on Saturday, we went over for more cleaning and we finally put together our bedframe after much fiddling about. We will be moving our current mattress over.




Wanted to test the wooden plank's strength so we brought over our old TV.

Also wanted to test the streaming speed but forgot to bring a remote for the tv box. Ooops.


Sunday we went to look at TV consoles (Danish Design Co.) but the price was erm.... optimistic... It's a very beautiful piece though. I'm of the opinion of not buying anything and keeping the area bare until we save up enough to buy what we really like.. But still keeping our options open, maybe a custom by second charm instead.


We also popped by our new place to do more light cleaning and drop off some items. After many years of keeping this wrapped up, i finally got to take it out.


Now into week 9, there are still some small bits here and there we want our contractor to patch up and i guess after that will be time for handing over. So far i think we've been pretty blessed to have everything go rather smoothly. (Except for the Electrolux bit)

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