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On 5/9/2017 at 10:57 PM, fifteenmay said:

Honoured that you r reading my tblog @May_dream1! Ya 6 years ago the blogs were different..got alot of pages and alot of discussion one! Maybe tt time we more bo liao haha.also,last time obly had renotalk.now got so many other avenues to explore lk qanvast etc..i  also had open house for my bto neighbours that i met on renotalk! Good times! I abit not used to now not many pple comment on blog,make me feel so lonely.. 

ya, and a lot of ppl using facebook to discuss too. renotalk has become quieter that is why i stopped coming here. now, mostly come in to check on contractors review or else is asking for contractors info. but still happy to see your t-blog been one of the most talked about. 

22 hours ago, Kobelala said:

Totally agree sis..... back then 1 toilet bowl can discuss 2 pages .... wahahaha 

2 pages is so easy to reach leh.... should be more than 2 pages cos my t-blog is 160 pages. hahahahaha... so i think at least also can talk for 10 pages for toilet bowl alone. 



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On 5/23/2017 at 6:45 PM, Viviolive said:

Nice home :) i am on the way of sourcing a trustworthy ID. can PM me the name of your ID / company please? thanks a lot~

thanks for the compliment! pmed you my id's contact~

On 5/24/2017 at 3:13 PM, ZYonFive said:


Could you PM me the name of your ID firm as well? Thanks!




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Soft furnishings

Finally my last ezbuy parcel is here! Softening the house with knick knacks.. 

kids's room carpet is here


artifical orchid to brighten up the living room


love the welcome mat!


small stool for daughter to sit and wear her shoes


lightbox and fake lavender plant at the shoe cabinet


side table in tiffany blue that i could not resist to bring some colour into the house!




pebbles cushions to lounge at the tv area 


after browsing many many cushions' designs, finally decided to keep it simple with just two important messages...



to be continued...


Edited by fifteenmay

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Part 2

bought a carpet for the study room to prevent scratches on the parquet floor


peg board for memories


knife set and joseph joseph sponge holder and soap bottle holder from ezbuy


bedside table for masterbedroom. solid and heavy. suits my room's theme.


fake flowers for my boutique-hotel masterbedroom toilet.


hubby enjoying a movie in his new home..


so that wraps up my reno journey.

Review on An...satisfied with his services and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. he was on the ball on almost everything and correct mistakes as soon as he knows about them. our reno was smooth and some items was delivered ahead of schedule some of the time eg shower screen. glad that my reno was smooth and the result was up to our expectations. An even gave a follow up wa msg asking if everything was ok after a month of moving in. really loving our new home now!




Edited by fifteenmay

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On 5/31/2017 at 5:15 PM, May_dream1 said:

the stones cushions looks good... carpets and mats are also from ezbuy? 

yes all from ezbuy :D



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12 hours ago, JennyTan said:

Hi fifteen, please share with me the contact for your ID. Thanks.


On 5/31/2017 at 6:41 PM, Nasril11 said:

Hi fifteen, may I know the contact and name of the firm too? Thank you for your sharing with us your journey.



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