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  1. What is your package and how much per sf? Is that isocore or normal HERF?
  2. For the cement screed, do you request HDB to do it or your contractor? Understand that HDB ceased to provide free cement screed from Oct 2014 onwards.
  3. Thanks for sharing your taobao stuff. Any good stuff to recommend from the stuff that you bought from taobao, ie rain shower, track lights etc? Am thinking to buy from taobao to save cost but a bit worry about its quality. Thanks.
  4. How much you pay for the doors from Hoho Engineering? What is your quote for Evorich flooring? Intends to go for evorich HERF for bedrooms and living room.
  5. Who you engage for the air con installation and how much is your quote?
  6. Love your renovation. Am collecting my key soon. Do you mind sharing your contractor's contact and quote as well ? Thanks.
  7. Hi, can pm me your ID's contact and share with me your quote? Thanks.
  8. Hi Boss and Secretary, love your house so much! I like the wet and dry kitchen. Can share with me the contact for Contractor C? Thanks.
  9. Hi, can pmed me the price for the Borch oven,LG TV and the water heater? Am looking for the same models. Also your ID contact.Thanks.