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On 4/24/2017 at 10:40 PM, Calamine said:

I like the color combi too! May I know the contact of the contractor you engaged and quote ? Thanks in advance!

Pm-ed you


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Scheduled my window blinds and built-in oven delivery on the same day. One shot two bird ehhh




Dropped by E's workshop to discuss with the boss on several issues. Took the chance to take a look at my wardrobe and kitchen cabinets. Almost done and ready to be installed.




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High Resilient Vinyl laying all done! But as you can see, skirting not done yet. Informed E to take extra care of the floor and doors! That explains the large amounts of cardboard on the floor.


All my carpentry are also here. Can't wait for all of 'em to be fixed to where they belong! 




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Finally, Murphy's Law happened, as much as how hard we tried to prevent. I mean, mistakes and mis-comm is bound to happen in the midst of the reno process, but still it's quite hard to take in this time round. 

Was really enthused to finally witness the installation of all my carpentry in living room, kitchen room, wardrobe, toilet etc. Instead, I was left in disappointment leaving my new house.

To be fair, I'm still very impressed with E's carpentry workmanship and am still glad that all the carpentry are done to my expectation, but this time it's a simple mis-comm that causes quite a sticky situation.

As you can see below, living room cabinet frame laminate doesn't match the greyish brown vinyl flooring. Despite countless confirmation with E's and his boss that the finalized laminate is grey wooden finish, they still managed to apply the wrong initially selected laminate. wo de ma yahhhh.... sighhhhhhh :unsure:


Nevertheless, E and his boss has promised me that they will rectify and change the colour of the laminate. From what I heard from them, they will have to dismantle everything and bring back to their factory to remove and re-laminate, which is a huge loss to them. But, it's a bigger loss for me to be seeing something I don't like for decades everyday! So yeah, let's just hope they do a nice job in rectifying the laminate choice. I still have faith in them. :yamseng:


OKAY. Now I shall throw everything to the back of the mind and continue on other progress updates. Yes I love Corona Maple!




Sliding window in service yard


MBR link to Walk-in wardrobe





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Hi lovely house u have done up! Tried to pm u but your inbox is full. I am planning to get J&E too could u please pm me their quote?


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Nice carpentry Bro, good choice of colors and tiles !!! Nice effect ! Would you mind sharing with me the contact of your contractor , and the rough price of your carpentry breakdown excluding kitchen, thanks a lot in advance , sorry very troublesome :D

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Hi bro,

Nice place with good taste! Hope to see the pic of the carpentry work done up in the living room soon. 

Can i also be thick and ask that you pm me your quotations and id/contractor contacts when you have time, thank you!


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