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Importing marble from China

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If the cargo transfer from container to truck is already factored in then should be ok. Cos you don’t want to have all this surprise costs after the container comes over. 

Not sure what your agent is telling you about the special crane. There is no way a crane can get inside a shipping container unless the container is those special type which have a canvas sheet for the roof instead of the usual metal. Normally the container and trailer will be parked at a warehouse with loading/unloading docks which the floor level is the same as the container when it is on the trailer. So the forklift will just drive into the container and offload the goods. 

Unless your agent is describing the process where the container with cargo is offloaded from the trailer to the ground then this is where the special crane is needed for offloading the entire container, not the pallets inside the container. 


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This special crane is when the quarries are trying to maximize the container by loading the slabs directly without any or minimal crating. If you are ordering just a few slabs, the suppliers will crate the slabs in specially built wooden crates to hold the slabs in place. These crates can be loaded/unloaded using a normal forklift with straps and need not use these elaborate cranes. 


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On 10/9/2018 at 6:23 PM, imzz said:

Hi all,

Anyone has positive or negative experience to share regarding importing marble from china? There are listings in alibaba which show a good range of marble selection at an attractive price, eg. Carrara marble for 50-100usd per square meter. This is almost 1/2 of the price compare to the local supplier like hafary, so I am thinking of importing from there.

Any feedback is welcomed.



Hey Imzz

Wanted to PM you but unable to.

You might sharing if you did go China in the end?

Maybe can PM me please?



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