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Landed Reno re-roofing paint and change drive way shelter

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Hi all,

I m super newbie on landed reno. Deciding to get a old landed property. The drive way and roof are rather aged. 

Thinking of doing minimal touch up such as rebuilding the drive way shelter, paint and re-roofing. Have few questions:

1. Does this consituted to an A&A work?

2. Do I need to get PE on this?

3. Any cost estimates?


Thanks in advance


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anything that involve touching the structure will need at least a PE. Also roofing for driveway will need at least an architect endorsement to authority on the set-back.

However, if work done are more of "cosmetic" nature (ie: repainting,) without changing the structure, this will no involve PE or Architect.


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Depending of work. In some cases you may need to redo the foundation to support the column which in turn support the car porch roof.

General anything on structural works which involved steel work (I Beams, Hollow Sections, etc), concrete, reinforced round steel bars, excavation will required PE (Structural Submission) & Architect (Set-Back, etc endorsement & submission)

Without knowing any specific from Alan, in the worse scenario, you'll likely be looking at +- $350K including professional / authorities' fees.


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