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3D Drawing of my house (version 1/3)

Couple of days back, my ID informed me that the 3D drawing is ready. Yay! 😁 I’m quite excited and curious how my house will look like with the materials and color combination I chose. On the other hand, I’m quite worry it will turn out quite messy because I have selected quite a few colors (as what mmoh have mention earlier, our house not very big does not need so many colors). 😟 After looking at the 3D drawings individually, I think they all look great but just worried that when all put together in a small house, it might be a bit too much. To be on the safe side, I have decided to reduce my laminates to 2 colours. 😬 Just go with the combination of White with one Wood color for the whole house (I very good boi, listen to mmoh 😇). I shall see how the version 2 of the 3D drawing will look like with the new changes. Will update this post once I have received it. 😉

Living Room


Version 1

Comment: Will extend the open shelve (above the TV) all the way to the other end, top cabinet will request to split it equally (OCD kicks in). Glass cabinet on the right side, I will request to change the glass door to a fixed glass panel and casement door open from bedroom.



Version 1

Comment: Tentatively there’s no changes for kitchen, quite happy with it.




Version 1

Comment: The open shelves on the right side of the wardrobe will move it down to the floor to put my dry box.




Version 1

Comment: The color of the wall nearer to the bowl is incorrect (look like grey now), it should be slightly closer to the tone of the floor.

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Hi Bunnieboi, that awesome and thanks for sharing.

I will be collecting my keys too in 2nd Quar. this year. Cant wait for HDB to inform me.  Last year end, I went to road show, I was shocked to hear 2 room renovation that goes up above 30k.I felt that not many ID wanted to renovate project below 28K?

May I know what is your budget you set? I set like 15k. I am only looking to add in kitchen and a built in wardrobe. I have opt in the option 1 and 2 that included flooring.


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