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Chunky Monkey

Ways To Show Your Love

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The first year we were married, it was very rocky for us. So much so, my husband said we were not going to have children until we sort ourselves out. He needed to teach me the concept of "private time". I am a go-getter and am constantly busying myself to do things. And I always wanted to be with him and do things. Over that one year of our marriage, I learnt that he needed a pocket of time to chill. Be a zoombie and do nothing. Even if it means him staring at the telly for a couple of hours. It is this private time all by himself that he recuperates from the stresses of work.

He does not always need this. He needs this when he's gone through a peak period at work. When I sense that it's time to get out of his way, I will pack the kids into the car and leave him be in the house all by himself. Once he is recharged, he's always yearning to see his children.


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i'll go to the market and ask around for the recipe so that i can cook it for him next time. but he will have to be my guinea pig for a few times before what i cook can be considered of standard...

Perhaps we can exchange recipes? Fool-proof, easy to whip up ones. :)


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my bf like to eat this dish - bitter gourd and ribs in fermented soy bean sauce (si zap pai kuat in cantonese). if you are interested i can send you the recipe. actually if you go to the wet market and ask the hawkers they will teach you how to cook the dish you want :)

can only make chinese dishes, can't really make peranakan or western food though my bf is half peranakan :bleah:

something else i do for my bf, i will knit for him though i can't do it well

i'll knit him a muffler or cap when i see a yarn colour that he'll like

sometimes i'll surprise him by cooking him pineapple water too

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Decided to set up another thread on RECIPES, instead of hijacking this one! :bleah: My apologies, Chunky Monkey. :) Contributions, please, everyone!

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Talking about food ... after I married this BBC husband of mine, my entire diet changed from asian to western. And that's why I do loads of roasting. And bread & butter pudding is one of my specialities. I have a variation. Mine is "chocolate" bread and butter pudding ... not seen anywhere.

PS: My mother said I have sacrificed (changing my diet) but it's actually not true. Whenever I dine out, I seek western cuisines like italian and french anyway! Some things mothers don't know and think their cooking is second to none. LOL


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When he is not my hubby yet,

1 thing I remembered very clearly until now. He was at his colleague's house warming which is near his house. I left my school to go to his house nearby to have a haircut cos our hairdresser is the same. But when I reach the bus stop it was raining very heavily so I couldn't walk to the haidresser's shop.

Guess wat he especially left his colleague's house, and bring an umbrella to the bus stop, send me to the hairdresser and then went back to his colleague house again

When he is my hubby already,

I was having my last paper exam early in the morning at 9am. He juz back from work and reach home late till about 12mn.

Guess wat I so surprised that he came down early to my house at 7am, riding his motorbike in a very very heavy rain, send me to school to take my exam, then went back home and sleep again.

Anyway if he did not send me I will be **** late for the exam cos there was a super heavy jam and a few of my classmates were late for exam.


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Some other little gestures to show appreciation of your SOs:-

a) Say "Thank You". Don't say sarcastic things like "wah, the sun came out from the West today ah" If he takes you out for dinner, say "Thank you for taking me out and spending time with me. I really appreciate it". Show your appreciation.

b) Before any purchases for the home, consult each other. Say things like "Dear, I know you would have let me decide on my own, but I thought I should bounce it off you first, and validate my rationale with you, to see if I missed out anything". And for goodness' sake, LISTEN. It's not for show. I read a recent article about a common thing that made husbands stray and it was that when the husbands felt that their wives don't need them anymore, they choose another woman who is quite opposite of your wives, who make them feel needed and loved. (Am I right, guys?) I read this at the clinic of the family psychologist's clinic that I visited by the way, so this is no hog wash.

c) Express to your SO your fears and concerns. Give them an opportunity to respond. Make sure your thoughts are in tune.

d) Don't blame. Never say "it's all your fault" or "I told you so". Even if it is really their fault. No one likes to hear it. When I make mistakes because I failed to heed my DH's warning, he will never reproach me. He would say "You thought it would work but it proved to be a mistake. No worries. You learn. Just don't make the same mistake again. OK, let's move on".


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Despite me being one of those whom have somewhat different beliefs on trusting, I do love my hubby 10,001% ny:

(1) Giving him hugs and kisses every now and then.

(2) Listen to his instructions on what I should do

(3) Key in advance alarm notes in his handphone to sound at times when he at work

(4) Do all the son's chores without negotiating - make milk, feed meals, pack his school bag, bathe

(5) Fetch him dinner if I'm home

(6) Giving him support in his decision without running him down no matter how absurd

(7) Making all the right OOO's and AAA's when he is trying to get a point across :yamseng:

(8) Giving him massages

He does the following that I always feel very appreciative about:

(1) He always never fails to pick me up for home wherever I am 99.99% of the times.

(2) Telling me very very very lame jokes that cracks me up anytime I tell him 'say a joke'.

Not that many but I guess he's more of those typical practical kind of Singapore uncle and its him whom I chose to live the next 50 years of my life with so I now always remember being blessed is to continue to love someone whom we have always had.

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And that's why I do loads of roasting. And bread & butter pudding is one of my specialities. I have a variation. Mine is "chocolate" bread and butter pudding ... not seen anywhere.

Do share with us in the recipe thread. :dunno:


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I will pack morning sandwiches for him twice every week for breakfast cos I noe

sometimes he will be sick of eating the same stuff from his office's nearby hawker.

Although I can slp for 1/2 hr more.....

And I noe he is very forgetful...cos he ever forgotten to bring the packed breakfast

to work...I will place the sandwiches on the dinning table, zoom to shower, then come

out immediately before he leaves the house and hand the breakfast to him and lock

the door...hahaha and kiss goodbye...

And without fail every alternate days I will heat up a bottle of chix essence for him

so tat he will be more alert on the way to work...

Cos it is heaty, so I cannot do it everyday.....

I will whip up a few dishes for him every weekend and once per weekday....

And he is also very good to me cos he will come to fetch me each time I goes out

with my friends without fail even though I have friends whom will fetch me back.

And everynite when he knock off, he will DEFINITELY call me for sure whether I need

any supper.....

Although there is a spate of the 20% and 80% trust thingy....these are the little things

we hv done for each other and I am still trying to learn from Chunky Monkey on the 100%

trust thing....trying very hard......bt not for now....


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Dh (dear/darling hubby) does the following:

- He knows I hate doing household chores, so he does almost all the hsehold chores. (95%)

- He leaves me sweet notes on places he know I'll see. (tho' now not as often)

- He drives me to & from work altho' he doesn't have to.

- When he's out for meetings, he always tell his co-colleagues that he needs to pick up his wife & daughter so better dun arrange too late or too far away. (His colleagues tell me this cos they kenna scolding from him b4)

- Helped to take care of Baby's needs when she's younger.

- Bring our little girl to the playground on weekends just so that I can sleep in w/o disturbance.

- When I'm sick, he'll take 1/2 day or 1 day leave to take care of me. If its not possible, he'll at least try to get lunch for me.

- Cook for me.

Things that I do for him:

- Cook his fav dishes/ soup for him

- Take over the hsehold chores (even its for a day) from him.

- Take care of our little girl so that she doesn't disturb Daddy's nap or gaming session on the computers

- Serve him ice cold beer when I know he is thirsty

- Giving him Massages


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