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    Found it! Following is a list of approved breeds of dogs that are allowed to be kept as pets in HDB flats: I am eyeing at jap spitz or small spitz
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    Renovation Day 55 - 12 June More updates on our carpentry work The other view of my wardrobe with work in progress top compartments. Study table up and drawer in the midst of fabrication. We will be placing a glass cover on top of this table to prevent stains / scratches etc. Our kitchen cabinet doors were all up too. Bosch built in oven placed into its slot! Think the next step should be granite top installation followed by glass backsplash installation? Hubby was looking through the updates sent by our ID and went... wah, our carpentry so white? and i had to remind him that's actually already off-white, it can be even whiter!
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    Air Con $8,500 for air con is TOO much. Price for Mitsubishi system 2 and 3 should be around $2K+ & $3K+. Total should be around $5K - $6K at most. You can check out the prices at Gain City. There is also one seller in the forum that is selling at quite good price. Painting $1,600 for painting is ok but should document how many times. Usually 3 times - first painting, before carpentry, and final touch up. And usually different kind of paint is needed for ceiling so need to check whether there is additional cost for ceiling paint. And ask for painting to include painting the bathroom pipes just in case you need it. My contractor's quote is inclusive of doors and gates if required at no additional cost.
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    i signed up with them after reviewing the forum commenting them good and their portfolio look great too. However the ID assigned to me is a very busy guy and alway drag to show his design for months....(just wonder, am i too gan cheong or its normal) ....Just pray hard he dont drag my renovation work... Better to look for those senior ID.......as i realised those commenting them good is all those senior ID....
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