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  1. Does anyone have contact details to get the white acrylic panels for bathroom? Thanks!
  2. Look for product with steel grade crafted on its. I bought a sturdy stainless steel disk rack and it is has steel grade 403 on its.
  3. Brand new, unopened. $12 each. Size (in cm): 51.5 x 35.5 x 16.5. Adjustable so can fit into any place. Collection in Tiong Bahru (preferred) or Raffles Place.
  4. To also not: some painter will add water when painting, if the paint is too thick. Hence, If you intend to store the remaining, let the painter know that you will store for future use, don't add water into those stored paint.
  5. I've tried combat and other popular brands products but all don't work. Surprisingly Ant Gel works like magic. And it is odourless. Made from food grade materials so no issue for children or pets too. You can get from NTUC,Giant or Homefix. Around $11 for a tube. Brand is Golden Hammer. The packaging looks not promising but effect is amazing. There are no more ants in my house just after 2 days. My parents 40 years od house have more ants so took one whole week to see the effect. I've recommended it to many friends and relatives, all are amazed with the result. . It not only get rid of ants in your house, but also outside your house, and the entire ant colony. You wouldn't need pesticides, vinegar, baits etc. anymore. Another forumer has suggested Terro-Pco above. I've not tried it but both works the same. Either one should be fine.
  6. Use oil based sealer. And then use matt instead of glossy finishing. The advatange of matt finishing is easy touch up, you can do it yourself as and when. Alternatively a direct painter can do the job for around $150.
  7. If the pins are embedded and not protruding, it may be easier to just patch up the area and leave the pins inside. Otherwise, will need to dig the area inorder to remove the pins, this will also require patching up. Patch up: mix white cement with paint to form a paste. use scrapper to smoothen out the paste. Cost less than one dollars.
  8. If the masking tape residues are recent one, you can try using masking tape to 'stick' them out. Have to do many times on same spot to clear them.
  9. It is good to do for old resale flat. If you have just done a renovation then there is no need to. And there is risk that those workers brought pests from other house into your house. Pest control is more needed by landed property to get rid of rats, snakes, spiders etc. My friend has tried a few different companies but all don't work. The pests will return after awhile. Traditional method (e.g. using ants powder) etc. are the cheapest and most effective so far.
  10. An update from my post above. It's coming to 2 years and my Panasonic bottom freezer fridge is still in good condition.
  11. I feel safer when DIY because I will ensure everything is done properly. I've seen how my other friends got screwed up by agents. Whether to use an agent or not, we still have to do our part and work. Can't rely on agents unless you are prepare for surprises .