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    1. Check for defects! Here is a guide. 2. Get the defects rectified, pls refer to the link i have shared. 3. If you are not experienced, and simple look and feel for your place, you can look for a main contractor to settle your renovation works. He will coordinate with other sub-cons. 4. If you have money to spare and want to have a designer look, you can look for IDs, they have 3 d renders done up for you to visualise the design they proposed 5. If I remember correctly, they will do flooring first, then do the electrical and ceiling works, followed by plumbing works painting and carpentry the last.
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    Yes, I know is tedious work. The contractor committed but back out when found is veneer and just try to brush it off and say, can't be done. The correct way is to say, it can be done, but requires many steps but we'll lose money. Explain it rather than just bluff the way and treat us like a fool. Another example. Quotation was on Vinilex500 paint, but they use Matex paint. After the painting, there's is still a tinge of the former paint work still visible. When I show him the photos of the paint can they are using, he says oh, they use the wrong paint, let me get them to redo. By then, I already have all my other furniture ready to move it and I can't afford anymore delay. This guy is trying to just do some quick con job. very typical. So, is he going to just compensate on the paint difference or should he compensate much more?
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    after collecting the keys, first thing is, check for defects. if there is, ask hdb to rectify. u can engage either contractor or ID, or even do things at your own. see which one u are more comfortable, and if u have lots of time, can liaise all things yourself. of cos, engaging contractor or ID will be more costly as compared to doing all things yourself, cos they are providing a service in return for money. pm u liaoz
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    My experience with Fanco was not good and I will like to share my story. The remote control of my fanco ceiling fan is faulty. I got the repair guy from fanco to get it fixed. The Fanco staff told me over the phone that replacing the remote control and sensor would cost $85. When the repair man came over to my home, he wanted me to pay extra $25 to change the capacitor. Otherwise, the speed of the fan can only to kept at low speed and cannot be increased to high speed. I had no issues with changing the fan speed with the old remote control. The old capacitor worked well and there was no issue at all. Not sure why the capacitor will not work with the new remote control. I sent a photo of the ceiling fan beforehand. If a new capacitor is needed, why didn't Fanco inform me beforehand? Shouldn't it come together with the sensor and remote control set? The lightbulbs installed in the ceiling fan were working well initially. After the repairman tested on them, one of the lightbulbs blew. Such poor level of service! If you have a Fanco ceiling fan and need servicing from them. It may come with a lot of hidden charges. I wouldn't buy from them again!
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    Er, once you go to court, your legal fees will also increase. If you want to still go to court but do it the cheaper way, you can probably go through Small Claims. But I'm not sure if this is a sure win route to get the person evicted in the fastest way. When you say minimize damage, I presume you mean minimize your monetary loss? Every day that they stay in your home without paying is increasing your monetary loss and preventing you from finding a new tenant. I would personally evict them as soon as I can, clean up the place and move on with a new tenant. Imagine if your court case takes another couple of months, that means you lose another X mths of rental. And going to court doesn't necessarily gurantee that you are going to get back your money (legal fees or rental), especially if they also owe $$ to other people.