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  1. Hi, may I know where u got the original version of the first light? Mind sharing the price here or PM me pls? Thanks!
  2. Bengologist, was it a false ceiling that they fixed the lights to? Or concrete ceiling? Looks scary.. your incident got me all paranoid of my upcoming lights above my dry kitchen granite top!
  3. congrats love to see EM transformation. Where is yours?
  4. Hi wisann, love the cosy feel. May I know what brand/model your ceiling fans are? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I will be installing mainly Venetian blinds in my home, any rec vendor? I need mostly blue colored ones (due to FS), need a vendor with gd selection of blue colors TIA!
  6. Silly me.. Today I was reading thru this mth's Home & Decor supplement, and the last feature was a home at Luxus Hills, an inter terrace unit too. In the text, it was mentioned that they took down a wall in the MBR to create a WIW.. then, it struck me, the wall (btn the wardrobe and main sleeping area can be hacked???) I had 'assumed' that it was a structural wall (though it looked too thin / beam less to be one) cos the very first time I went to a show flat for one of the phases, the agent told me it was a structural wall (I hated the wall! Cos we don't watch TV in our MBR so it's really useless).. Then I quickly called the developer main con and he told me that wall can be hacked! LOL.. I was so happy and told my main con I WANTED TO HACK THE WALL! They tried gently to dissuade me and told me about the pros of it but I told them it was non-negotiable cos I wanted an unencumbered and spacious MBR hahah
  7. Shopping ard for lights and ceiling fans. Anyone knows if any distributor in SG (or MY) carries Artemis by Minka Aire ceiling fans? Which lighting shop has competitively-priced and gd quality PLC down lights? I need a ton..
  8. Hope u manage to find something which suits! Love the TV console concept, very unique!
  9. June, Commune has a dark wooden top table with black metal legs. Very industrial. Price of table alone is under $2K. The owners of the EM at Lor Ah Soo (they have a blog here too) bought one for their home
  10. Hi Bengologist, ya not giving them my actual keys, will disarm the autogate and let them use their own padlock for it.. else troublesome for me.. Missyliang young ah-ma! Actually I prefer something smaller but hub likes the space (though its spread over several levels). How young are you exactly? So good life, have grandson who's old enuf to teach u how to post, retired & enjoying life (and reno) & healthy enough to climb stairs! Even I have to take extra healthy wholesome 'supplements' to 'cure' my knee from taking care of my tod!
  11. My reno will only start proper on 17th June.. my main con promised me that everything will be in time *cross fingers* Next Thurs will meet them to hand over my keys & they will start laying protection (takes two days!)
  12. Haven't gone up since Sat, developer tying up loose ends for defects, tmrw gotta catch the supervisor to highlight a few more problems.. Meanwhile, thru his recommendation I got the developer sub con Ah Leong to tile up the grass patch in the backyard.. previously the area behind the drain covers were (overgrown) cow grass turfing & much-hated ants were nesting there! Looks much much better now.. Tmrw gonna call Ah Leong up and ask him whether he's gonna remove the cement marks and get the paint from developer to touch up the boundary wall
  13. Wow I love your layout.. Kitchen + Study can combine to be huge kitchen cum island cum dining area.. Great! And U are super hip for a granny!