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  1. Welcome to RT! Looking forward to your pics!
  2. Your photos posted in the other thread very nice leh!
  3. WAH I think your contractor is COOL! Where is he from?
  4. ya so cannot fuss about that. If you want newer then it's smaller.. older... bigger.. Give and take! Hope to see more updates soon!
  5. WHOA your house is really nice. I like the overall white/brown cosy/modernish theme... nice. That ledge at the foyer is nice and useful too! And I agree about the toilets... love the tiles you chose
  6. mmm your tiles all match! very nice. will give a nice uniform look to your kitchen and toilet area.. and I agree la the pebble wash is very nice...
  7. yaaa!! and you don't have to worry about tiles popping years later.. and if people spill things or what you wun be as kan cheong as if it were parquet/laminate. Still must wipe la cos long term there might be stains but like I said polishing will make it nice... hehe Lucky you! the glass for the study expensive?
  8. OoOO overhaul overhaul overhaul!!! That's GREAT then you can do whatever you want! NICE!! ti's also nice to be able to play with so much space!!!
  9. OOo I have the same common toilet basin and the tap! this basin you have to check the gradient of the base ya? cos some of them the slope is not steep enough and the water drains too slowly causing the basin to be very dirty. Nice house!! I love the original condition of it too!
  10. I kaypoh come about... LOVE the before and after photos!!! I love the kitchen and the toilet area! GREAT difference!
  11. The floor is GOOD!! every few years you can always have it polished again to make it look as good as new!!! *envious* I love that glass study door...
  12. I like the changes you made. you've turned a darker house into such a bright one without changing the flooring much even! nice!
  13. Welcome! mmm because of the toilet.. the main bedroom looks a bit smaller than bedroom 2 hor... but overall the unit looks big... rooms are relatively squarish.. nice.
  14. Nice house! unique layout.. I like that long long corridor... very nice
  15. ehh recently there was a teenager arrested for being a spiderman? I don't think they climb from the top or the bottom.. but more from the common corridor... you know how sometimes, esp for end units, the side is the common corridor and there's a window near? it's probably more possible to climb from there... As for kitchen window... I think very few people lock those... but I agree about the cockroach part.. We had plenty of flying ones coming in when we first moved in. *URGH* and apparently.. my friend says she gets them on the 21st floor too.. so cockroaches aren't afraid of heights.
  16. WELCOME! And YA your 3 room looks longer with a nice utility room at the back! I want also!!!
  17. mmm I redid my air con after moving in for more than a year. I didn't replace the piping. the guy flushed out the piping with some chemical and and for some parts he put new piping joining to the old. I think there was also some small rebate when he took the old units away. BTW my house has a system 4 and a window casement unit. The casement unit is SUPER cold but not so energy saving lOL
  18. Hello! welcome! Yours is a three room or? ... the layout is very nice.. not the straight kind where it's harder to plan mm
  19. mm thank you thank you!! Will do that when I get home. YES I do think a trip down will be good.. but I'm not sure I can convince Owner Y to go with us without any solid plans in place which is why I'm afraid HDB might not want to give us any answers. I totally agree about the CPF thing it'll certainly help if we can calculate how much we need for the next purchase. THANKS GUYS!!
  20. That's the problem. Owner Y wasn't really involved in decision making.. She said (in chinese) that they paid 30k only. She doesn't have singpass so I probably have to go to CPF board with her to apply. Thanks for the clarification on the SERS scheme. Toa Payoh. Both the previous one and the current one. Have to pay back the 30k discount wor??! omg. lol *crossing fingers hope it's not* mm Shall make a trip to HDB to ask... seems like the best way.. just too busy.. and not sure how to convince Owner Y to go along. LOL
  21. Thank you thank you... it's possible leh! I never thought of it... maybe. I must probe more. but cos the remaining owner Y.. is not educated and all the decisions were made by Owner X so I'm afraid she may not know much. Sigh But thank you for this answer. Anyone else who has inputs pls pls pls reply. thank you.
  22. hcbing!!! NICE NICE NICE! I love the combi tiles you used in the toilet... and that HUGE cabinet you have in the hall... not only useful but very nice looking... and the way you placed the wardrobe in the MBR... all great ideas.
  23. Looks very reasonable to me!!! Welcome to RT