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  1. is the manager name Kevin Ben Malcolm Lim? this guy was previously from senseart sofa which defaulted on many sofa deliveries for customers who placed deposits during the furniture shows and exhibitions. the last few deposits were collected as close as to the month just before they are known to go bust. your experience dealing with the sales staff of this company sounds very much like what the victims of senseart sofa has described before.
  2. anyone can provide me contacts for curtain makers with competitive pricing? whether Singapore based or JB based is ok with me .
  3. a leopard cannot change its spots. the same business operation manager will use the same ruse whichever company he joins. in his previous company sense art sofa, he also like to create a false impression his sofa company has operations in or links in Amsterdam, venice etc (using a mastratto gruppo symbol on their ads) when they are really a newly incorporated local company that eventually folded in a short period of operation
  4. it is tough.....so many cases of businesses collecting deposits today and closing down tomorrow......... for your information, the boss of sense art, Kevin Ben Lim, has now moved to another furniture company and upgraded to a bigger car. hence you see, the law basically doesn't deal with such people.
  5. brand new nespresso u coffee maker for sale. box unopen with local power rating and local warranty from nespresso. does not come with milk foamer. best price $190. text 9 3 triple eight 7 5 9
  6. brand new unopened box of Nespresso U coffee machine for sale. selling because I got it as a gift but I already got one set. sell for S$238. sms, text, viber, whatsapps, 9 3 eight eight eight seven five nine.
  7. hi Shirley it may be futile to do so. a private limited company is like a wallet that contains only a fixed sum of money. you go to court, the court rules in your favour, orders the company to pay you, but do they have the money to pay you? the only way to ask for compensation beyond what the company account can pay, is to sue the directors in their personal capacity. in legal concept this is called lifting the corporate veil but you have to prove there were fraudulent or other actions that infringes upon the Singapore Companies Act. last heard boss of sense art is still in the furniture industry albeit in another company
  8. just like to share I found it at Jennings laminate
  9. hi anyone can recommend me where to get laminating paper?
  10. I engage them before. + timely completion of renovation (quite a rarity from the other renovation cases I have heard); reasonable price; good paperwork and execution (many other cases I have heard gets the wrong color of laminate, tiles, slabs installed, this one gets it documented and installed upon correctly without leading to arguments in those other cases I have experienced and heard) - not able to provide foresight and advice in renovation planning, more like worker than consultant/advisor. example, as we kept the old aircon from previous owner, ID ought to have foresight that the aircon cooling unit needs replacement some time after renovation and designed the false ceiling with bigger space clearances given that modern aircon cooling units are all larger than those 10 years ago. eventually my aircon broke down and the replacement cooling unit is larger and I had to cut up the false ceiling and spend another sum. and inconvenience in rectification of the false ceiling; not interested in small jobs or customer loyalty. I contacted them to rectify the false ceiling but the response is wanting (like no interest no response) possibly getting referral commission from lighting supplier introduced to us.
  11. thanks for recommendation and I am glad I took up their service. service is good and timing flexible to our request. definitely the false ceiling contractor I will strongly recommend. the boss, richard, has totally no airs. on a side note, there was another contractor recommendation in renotalk forum that I contacted, when I couldn't meet his prescribed timing on coming down on a weekday lunch time for quotation, he totally drop off from the messaging altogether. the initial of this second firm is K Y back to pin pin, price is most reasonable and they also don't mind doing really small jobs. the ID I hired for my renovation job done about 2 years ago, didn't even want to come and take a look. that's how practical and mercenary ID is nowadays. and from this and experience with K Y, it would seem most contractors don't like small jobs. in fact, my brother only paid Pin Pin $250 to do a small job and they didn't baulk or shirk. again, a big kudos to Pin Pin and Richard.
  12. most so-called interior designers may market themselves as upmarket solutions provider of house décor, designs and renovations but they actually provide very little value-added services. ie they are more worker than consultant/solutions provider. an example - I bought a resale condo and did not change the air con which was working well at the time of renovation. when the ID designed the false ceiling, they did not plan ahead for customer by leaving some more clearance space for new air con. considering newer aircon cooling unit are bigger in dimension than older aircons cooling unit. another example of not value-adding is that they will always ask customers what they want to do specifically. but some customers only have a hazy idea of what they wanted and are in fact looking for ID who can value add by suggesting. it is hard for customers to tell specifically what they want when they have not lived in the renovated house yet.
  13. the boss of sense art has indeed done so. now at p05h m*77re55