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  1. I thought now new rule agent cannot represent both seller and buyer for the same transaction?
  2. Does your company offer any reno loan with low interest? Some company do have such incentives for their staff.
  3. If water is seeping through your ceiling, then really no choice both parties will foot half the repair cost. But if yours is spalling concrete which is caused by natural deterioration process, you can call HDB Branch Service Line at 1800-2255432 to engage a repair contractor. I just did mine at $35. (HDB pay another $35)
  4. Yes... 以牙还牙。 There is nothing much you can do except damage control...
  5. Now 650/mth with air-con? I think I have under-charged my tenant ($550/mth) of 4 yrs.
  6. Selection date is available for AMK BTO 3/4 rooms @ MyHDBPage.
  7. My parents almost insert my name in their flat. Luckily they did not, the following year I got married and buy a resale flat in the next following year. A blessing in disguise. Gotta agree with this post. TS's sister & BIL is a good parent wanting a better environment for the whole family. I'm pretty sure with the pilot son's ability, in the next 5-10 yrs, should able to build up some CPF $$$ and buy on his own, or form a family nucleus himself later on.
  8. I know this particular problem will be discussed, but at this moment there is no other alternatives.
  9. What's your BIL average gross monthly income? Looks like AHG is unlikely for his case since his eldest son monthly salary should be around 5-6k as a pilot now? Can consider to add the son as an applicant for the new flat?
  10. I got a Q number of less than 100 for a 3-rm AMK BTO today? Anyone other lucky ones here?
  11. My frd got Q4/111 for his AMK SOB ballot. Dam-n lucky. My parents for Q164/111 for their AMK SOB also.
  12. "first bucket of gold" is one mil right? You are correct, bepgof, nowadays can only earn "1/4 of bucket of gold". My wife and myself will be getting a 200k cheque from HDB next mth, only "1/5 of bucket of gold" nia.
  13. Surely you do not want to be counter-sued for infringing in his privacy. The owner has the right to tell him nicely that someone has complained that he wear indecently and felt offended. He can be sued for gross indecency act under the CPC.