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  1. You can't seize the flat till court order is issued. You can sue for your losses in getting a new flat.
  2. $250 psf is steep. Just to reconstruct a 2000 sf house is $500K-- are you sure? At that price how to rebuild? 2000 sf not very big for a landed, you know.
  3. Legal matters don't move so fast.... But if the seller backed out, then he will be made to compensate you for all your losses.
  4. What do you want HDB to do? They are not responsible for what's inside your flat. They only do the common corridor, etc.
  5. HDB inspection has nothing to do with your confirmation, ie they don't verify that the house is vacant, etc. Their inspection is for un-approved renovations, etc. So they can do it any time.
  6. Actually the answer is no. You cannot "stay" in private while owning HDB. You have to "stay" in HDB while "investing" in private. Most people just lock up one room of their HDB....
  7. Don't you think you should fix it before your whole house gets flooded?
  8. It's all BS, as in I reserve my right to sue, you reserve your right to countersue, etc.
  9. What's the science behind this assertion?
  10. You can still ask for the lawyer to help you. Of course, you'll have to pay for advice, since that lawyers' fees is only for paperwork.
  11. Don't you have a lawyer? Then you should ask him for advice. Generally, the condition of sale is as-is-where-is.
  12. It's not about regulations. It's about common sense. Kitchens can be dirty, oily places. Hence, sometimes people may choose to wet-wash the floor. As in use a hose and flood the floor. Thus, kitchen floors are usually lower, so that the water will not run to the rest of the house.