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  1. Just bought the 1 x sensa 5 at RM567 and 1 x V touch @ RM463, 3 x wall fan @ RM 190 each, 1 x exhuast fan @ RM92 and 1 x stand fan @ rm145, paid GST @ S$53.00. Total damage RM 1837 + S$53.00, if buy in singapore, sensa 5 cost around S$500 and ceiling fan around S$136...not too sure about others. Took me less than 3 hours to drive in, collect the stuffs and drive back ti singapore.
  2. Hey, bro, that's what i did too...after i sold my hdb house last year, was desperately looking for another unit, as the agent that sold our house was not doing his job....go guan yin temple and ask....no direct answer from guan yin....ask many time also like that....we see it as guan yin want us to cool down and plan again....it drag for a few months and yet we cannot find our dream home....give up the old agent and get another one, within a month, i got my bank loan approved and bought our dream home and yes....this coming friday is our completion date..... Talking about Feng shui, my own experience, my old house did not do any feng shui, after i moved in less than 6 months, i got retrenched....but still dun believe in feng shui....hold on till a few years later, really cannot tahan liao, get a FSM and look see our house, he wanted me to do a major reno again cos the reno i did previously was very bad in view of FS, but that time pocket already kosong.....manage only to do some critical repair....then things start to get ok.....but did not get better cos i start to believe FS that do wonders for me....so start to believe whatever the FSM said...what happened then no need to say ..until lately....i met up with one of my friend, we had kopi and ask him about some feng shui matter, he quote me one word...."朋友,一切靠自己" So FS or no FS, up to individual, but i think i have no ground to gamble further....
  3. Goodrich is a company that supply wallpaper to all contractors/dealer/ID...etc....if your ID can supply you the samilar as what you had chosen from goodrich...with a cut of more than 50% in price.....then dun wait...get your ID to do it and make sure with all black and white written.... Even after a few years, those wallpaper start to give way....you can still do a brand new piece as compare what you pay for to goodrich.... Well, your last statement may valid, it is the workmanship they quoted or material without workmanship.... End of the day, your ID may just tell you the stocks for those quoted material are currently out of stocks or no longer in production.
  4. Mine was 5 weeks, using bank loan plus cpf...private lawyer, at first hdb officer say 6 weeks, but we give nice story, so she said if lawyer can do it in time, 4 week also can... , but later lawyer give storey, said seller lawyer cannot make it for 5 weeks, so ask agent to call seller agent and lawyer, yesterday received lawyer letter, date stated is 5 weeks from 1st appt....
  5. The agent is playing "ti cum" games with you....show you 10 units and if 1 got your attention, he ho say liao...that's what my agent did, show me more than 30 units but none meet my spec, when i ask to change location, he disappear....
  6. ya...that remind me when i viewing house last year in ubi area....this prc house....they rented out the whole house but claim they are staying there....but when ask for 2nd viewing...got to specially arrange at a certain timing ......but we end up did not buy cos feng shui master say no good..... another approach for our garment to control the hdb price is to put a fix rate to all type of flat.....if sell above this rate....it will subject to heavy tax.......or implement coe....hehe...you got to bid one first before buying a flat from hdb.....
  7. Not advisable unless you can find back the same supplier who did for you previously....cos in the midst of alteration, part spoil....how....argument expected.....just my 2 cents...
  8. I need a system 4....starmex....what the best price...
  9. yours not the worst lah,my previous neighbour upstair can make cilli paste at 7am.....the traditional way...if you know what i mean......bless the new owner......
  10. Hi forgotton, you mean you never see the seller when viewing the house... I kiasu type, i want my agent to make sure the owner is around when viewing the flat, i signed the otp in the seller house and demand all particular of the tenant in the house, you won't know it maybe a ah long house.... I drive there to look see now and then to be sure no o$p$ lettering around the block....
  11. Hi berry surprise, I was indeed surprise to read about your encounter with your seller and agent, from those previous earlier posts you wrote, thought things had gone well after found your sweet home... , me no better then you, if have read about my post, the agent denied he had given up looking for us a new flat, reason is he cannot find he right unit that we want, wtf, looking at saturday paper, in pasir ris area, more than 50 ad and he said cannot find, and from my 1st appt to 2nd appt, not a single call from him, eventually we had a faceoff in a coffeeshop together with my fren who intro him to me, F him off with a check issue to the company, he wanted me to transfer the comm to his bank account initially, but i wanted an official invoice... So for your case, i think if you have not sign any agreement with the agent, play with him lah. For the signed agreement for your seller to extend the stay after the 2nd appointment, show him and agent the hdb reply you got and get him to explain why in first place never warn or alert you that it is against hdb rule to extend the stay after the 2nd appointment, since they had make you busy since day 1, do somethings to make them busy back lor...
  12. Ya...we sure hope there is an opportunity to source things out face to face, not our type to deny the comm payment as mentioned earlier, well, if he still want his comm, he should initialte, afterall, he back out first, but if he choose to do the hard way, well, what can i do???
  13. Hi all, Just an update for my case. Though the agent stop to look for the resale flat for us, he still turn up during the 1st appointment and 2nd appointment, but we ignore him totally, only he ask question, we answer, during our 2nd appointment, we did not expect him to turn up but he was there, probably want to collect his comm, but we dun bother him at all, after we sign the document with the hdb officer, we simply walk off, totally ignore him. I wonder now how will he do to get his comm from me, few days past and no phone call or sms from him, maybe he is getting lawyer to send me love letter. Any suggestion/comment is welcome, if he really send a lawyer letter, what should i do?
  14. From my experience, it need 3 months pay slip to proof, and had to be from the same company.
  15. Thks, got an sms from HDB shortly after i post the message, will be receiving the letter soon.