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  1. Hi all, I met Ronald last week to get some inputs for my renovation on a 5-rm resale flat. We met up on Saturday evening and gave him our design brief. It was a very productive meeting and had a meaningful exchange of ideas that lasted about 45 minutes. He is very friendly and was able to recommend the design for our MBR and kitchen to make it more spacious and suggests suitable materials for the rest of the flat, e.g. countertops, floorings and cabinets. Best part he was able to come up with a detailed quotation of all the items discussed in the meeting the next day! The quote sent to us was in great detail stating the dimension, type and brand of material and the unit costs. We were impressed that he was able to note all the ideas we discussed during the brief meeting and capture it in his quotation. After receiving the quote, we only amended a few items that was optional to keep our cost low and he was able to send us the re-quotation within a few hours. Thanks Ronald!
  2. The tiles for the living room look great. Do you have a pic of the final look of your hall with the tiles? Have you considered protecting the grouts so that it will not have the dirty look?
  3. Hi all, I am new to renotalk, I am tinkering with the idea of placing an island or peninsula in the kitchen. This would mean hacking the down the kitchen walls which I am prepared to do. However, there is an annoying beam which cannot be hacked (see floor plan) thus I am wondering if opening up the kitchen will be practical? Anyway ideas for the kitchen design or experience to share based on how you have done up your kitchen. This is a resale 5-rm hdb flat. Hope to hear all your ideas :D.
  4. Hi, thanks for sharing the pics of your reno. Could you please PM me your contractor contact
  5. Hi, I am new to renotalk. I intend to purchase marble flooring for living and dining area of about 460sqft for a 5-Rm Resale flat. I have yet to decide on the type of white marble, i.e. volakas, ariston or sivec white. The price range is quite wide from $10psf for pre-cut to $23psf for slab-cut. However, the labour cost, i.e. laying of tiles is $10.25 psf and grinding, and polishing and sealant after laying tiles is $3.25 psf. The total installation including polishing grinding is $13.50 psf, and this does not include the cost of marble. Is the installation cost within market rate? Could anyone shed some light on installation cost for marble flooring and also recommend a reliable supplier and installer? Thanks.
  6. Hi saw your post on renotalk regarding marble. I am choosing white marble i.e volakas, ariston or sivec white. range is quite wide from $10psf for pre-cut to $23psf of slab-cut However, the labour cost i.e laying of tiles is $10.25 psf and grinding and polishing and sealant after laying tiles is 3.25/sqft Is this regular? Could you share your quotation with me? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I'm currently renovating my house. We are NOT rewiring but we are shifting and installing new light switches and power points. Below is the quotation from the electrician. We are not sure of the brand of the switches and power points but the electrician was saying it is a rocker switch. Any comments? I find these too expensive. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S/N DESCRIPTION QTY UNIT PRICE TOTAL PRICE ============================================================================= 1. lighting point 23 $30 $690 2. install light 25 $10 $250 3. power point double 7 $60 $420 4. isolator 20 A 1 $250 5. install fan 3 $30 $ 90 6. scv point 2 $90 $180 7. tel point 1 $ 45 ============================================================================== TOTAL AMOUNT : $ 1,925 ==============================================================================