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  1. Hi I have a 5th floor resale 3 room flat that was recently returned by the tenant. When I enter the house, i felt that the place is energy draining. It has a new coat of paint last year and the living room was repainted. Lighting were bright and natural light seems OK, but I would prefer more sunlight. Only thing dated is the kitchen cabin that my agent suggest I let it be as tenants don't take care of it. Is there anything that I can energize the place without all those elaborate FS placements & ceremonies ? thanks
  2. Besides Ikea, where else is good to view ready-made curtains + poles for the windows in MBR Budget priced items will be fine. Thanks
  3. Intend to replace the existing 3NG resale's lower kitchen cabinate. Design & carpenters recommendations appreciated. Nothing fancy as the unit will be rented out
  4. Conie For JB carpenter, will they come to take measurements and give design suggestions or I have to provide the diagram ? Just replacing the existing lower kitchen cabinates. Thanks
  5. Liked to rewire my 3NG @ Clementi Ave 4 Is there any packages that you have used or electrician with good workmanship to recommend ? Thanks
  6. Need a good painter to repaint my resale 3NG flat @ Clementi Ave 4 Any suggestion appreciated. PM me. Thanks
  7. New & unopened. Only $70 ea. For use with the SmartTV game/app on SmartTV (46F6400) and newer models. Demo @ Courts, Harvey Norman, Gain City, Audio House etc. Self collect at Tampines St 22. PM me your contact. Thanks for reading
  8. PM me your offer & if it is region unlocked. thanks
  9. To see if your new place is fiber internet ready, try this link (top right side) http://www.opennet.com.sg/ Personally, I am using MyRepublic at home (HDB). So far , a few service issue but was resolved quickly.
  10. helped a friend to checked on this topic last year. here is my summary of finding : While there are LED bulbs out there which will fit a halogen holder, it is highly recommended to change the entire setup. Simple logic being that the halogen uses higher wattage and fitting the LED means stepping down the power > a potential failure point.