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  1. Hi couch potato can you share a little more about your Tecno oven? I'm looking for replacement and the brand's recommended at the shop are Elba, Tecno n Brandt. Appreciate user reviews! I realise these discussions were dates back years ago :)Thank u!
  2. Hi Melvin did u get the Elba? I'm also thinking of this brand but seems like not much reviews. How r u finding it?
  3. Hi am looking for a replacement build in oven. Wonder if anyone has user reviews of Elba/Tecno/ Brandt or Ariston? These are the models that fit into the existing cut out space Thank u!
  4. wah so embarassing. Long time never post, and now don't know how to do liao. Wanted to post in this blog, ended up starting a new topic .. paiseh
  5. Hello Marshmellow! Surprised that you are still around! Saw a few familiar names like maydream - but mostly new entries! Wow, you folks are really long-service holders. I tried to find my blog, but can't even find it! How's everyone?
  6. sorry, we did not engage lourve in the end. too costly.

  7. I guess no hard and fast rule lah, for me, crush just the biscuit easier. then can add cream back into butter or filling, still get to eat everything
  8. ya lor, should have known you earlier, so sayang to throw. think the buyer don't know the brand at that time, after he start reno and realise it, sure to
  9. ya ya, try it, should be less mess and sticky .. oh no, marsh, if oreo, must take out the cream before crushing!! then the cream can either add to the cheese or whatever filling/topping, or just eat it on its own .. yum! I only like the centre part of the oreo
  10. wow yr kitchen looks like a pic taken out from those interior magazine! So so love yr island!
  11. wow, i thought newly bought things for yr new place leh. actually this brand really good investment, life-time warranty one ha ha ... we are starting to feel a bit hack care liao .. maybe initially clean up straight away, then end of the day, then 2 days, a few days, once a week, once a month ...
  12. thanks, aimei. fondant cakes are actually quite fun to make, like young time playing dough. I don't run a shop lah, too many overheads, but just take orders from friends, friends' friends etc. will pm you in a while
  13. i also want to come yr place leh, can or not? Always late - long time don't log in to RT, when i do, i realised that I just missed another gathering ...
  14. till i succeed at creating my blog, think i will post my bakes here lah .. hope it does not bore people ...
  15. thanks thanks, will try go take a look. if stuck, i consult u again hor : i am very bad at this kind of thing ...
  16. marsh, another method is to roll out dough into a sheet before chilling. ie 1. take a portion of dough, and put in plastic bag 2. roll to required thickness (in the bag) 3. chill 4. take out, cut plstic bag, and cut cookies this way, cookie will still be quite "hard" and less chance for sticky or losing the shape or breaking. Try it?
  17. hi dizy yr reno is like a fast-forward journey! looks like handover is not far from now!
  18. my understanding is - better not to put silicon to allow for glass expansion during cooking. Different sources say the same, and does make sense to me, so i accepted.
  19. hey welcome jcase! just click on yr name, then "edit my signature" and make the change
  20. hi may sorry, not related to reno, but mind if i ask what kind of voluntering u r doing? I am thinking of doing something with my girls, but don't really know where to start? Any suggestions?
  21. think i have missed yr blog till now right? actually i am very bad at this - sometimes left comments then forget whose blogs i wrote on? So never get to read reply hence communication like stop there ... i stil wonder how all of u can be in some many blogs at the same time, and never get confused?? we also wanted to protect the floor from the table/chair legs, but we are boring people - bought those black rubber studs only. Yrs remind of those cartoon where non-living things got live of their own ..
  22. sure need to - sengkang west, first time out from LHL's GRC. maybe 3 party fight even
  23. ha ha, we went through this at mega too. at first, wanted electrolux washer and dryer, but electrolux dn't have manual type (I am very old school of thought n don't like and don't know how to use too much electronic kind of gadget at home) .. so salesman highly rec brandt. All specs fit what we are looking for, but still we said we go for coffee and think about it. then we went round the other shops to get feedback on that brand, finally convinced ourselves it's ok, and went ahead, so now we own brandt washer as well as dryer. even our hob and hood also brandt. The only electrolux things at home now is the oven .. so funny .. bc that's the original brand we were looking at! anyway, forget about the lock the price gimmick - have learnt my lesson for aircon purchase!
  24. hi kobelala we got alot of appliances from mega too. but before confirming with them, best to check out prices at other shops, esp goh ah bee and everjoint, then use these to press them down! as for dryer, heard that condenser one does not work as well as air vent type? anyway, we got one more as a standby, esp good in rainy weather like now!
  25. 30/4 ah - sian liao - bc I already booked for kelong trip that day! any idea what time start? think i go and Q and be first to vote before rushing off to changi!