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  1. Take a look at this stainless steel hob from SMEG. Beautiful stainless steel design. http://www.smeg.sg/Catalogue/Product/P106_print.htm Can also go down to their showroom near Mohammad sultan to see the marc newson editions.
  2. but if u see u from another angle. Your unit will not have people loitering or someone pee at the stairs as there are neighbours who are hawk eye surveillance for the entire block.
  3. The sales person that attended to us seem a little new: 1) do not know the price (example: he got to spend 5 mins checking the price after each WC that we like) 2) keep quoting us price that is more expensive then their ads (example: ads shows SGD288 he will say now got promotion and quote me SGD350) 3) do not know their product well (example: insisting that the sink is Elkay but it shows Rubine on the sink) 4) do not know that HDB are not concealed and keep insisting that my plumber will know what to do (reality: an adapter is needed as HDB pipes are outside The above are forgivable as he seem sincere and eager to close the deal. We spend about 45 min with him. What made us decide to leave is: 5) The other senior sales person do not want to help him and just let him drown.(he ask them price then they give him black face - It was a morning so not much customer in the shop but all sit there shake leg and not willing to come and ask if he need help) The final blow: 6) he helped us ask about the Rainshower set promo in the website a lady replied loudly to him, "no need see sample, just sell the package can already" 3-4k is a big amount for us and we will be more comfortable buying from someone who knows the product well and the shop is genuinely interested to sell us a product they believe in.I would want to see the items if I can before i make the decision to purchase. With that I took the guy's card, thanked him and left. Anyway just a side note: their package price for their Grohe seem to be quite good so if you are able to get a good discount over the package price. A pretty good deal.
  4. I like the way you narrate, actually it took me 3 times before i noticed that your MahTong is not Mahjong but Toilet Bowl. If you are on a budget. Can consider those that comes with a set. Attached a package for your reference. Anyway i went down but didnt buy from them because I didnt get a good experience during my trip down. System 3: can consider the Midea brand, but remember to buy the extended warranty from gaincity in case the brand is not lasting compared to the japanese brand. I think it is about 2.3k compared to 3k for the Mitsubishi Electric one. Hope it helps. And looking forward to your reno updates.
  5. It is about 70% up. Just confirmed the design of the kitchen cabinet. I try to take some photos my next trip back. Mine is relatively simple with a open concept. We hacked the whole first floor quite a lot. So looking forward to it.
  6. Initially when we first gotten the unit, we look for many ID and contractor with a budget of 50k. However find here find there find everywhere seem like no one can meet our requirement at the budget. Those that can meet the budget will ask us to: 1) Dun use parquet, use laminate. Nowadays laminate as good as parquet 2) Dun hack the floors la, just overlay also same. 3) Windows no need change, i use your budget to change things that people can see can liao. 4) Best one is: Yes i can do at your budget but without a good margin, do you think I will put in full effort in your unit? In the end, got a relative friend to do. budget exceeded and still counting. Did not expect the reno for a EM to be so much more than a 5I Good luck in your renovations.
  7. i actually find it very reasonable, especially for a small scale job. Hacking of floors are usually not cheap. Please ensure that they also make good the walls that may be affected by the hacking.
  8. Nice. looking forward to your T-blog
  9. My hacking application delayed for 6 weeks. until i cannot tahan then i call up HDB, he said that he first day already replied to the contractor to resubmit with new drawings. Fortunately, i not rushing to move in yet.
  10. http://www101.hdb.gov.sg/hdbvsf/eampu09p.nsf/0/11SEPBTOPG_page/$file/11SEPBTOPG_map.htm?open&ft=5room BTO PRICES Mouseover unit number for selling price and gross floor area
  11. Go for nice textured wall paper, will spent about 1k on it. Next do a new wardrobe about 1.7k Spend about SGD600 on laminated flooring TOtal about 3.3k This is what i would do with a maximum impact with the least money.
  12. I have used WPC and no regrets so far. My white walls match the WPC windows nicely making the house bigger than it is.
  13. Hi Sleek and adidaem, Is this a bad habit or some side effect of buying a flat. I have been doing "that" as well for a year or so although i have already gotten my unit in the beginning of the year. Seem to become a habit to check the EMs that are available for sale. LOL