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  1. Bedroom is a place for us to rest. Not ideal to keep plants, fish tanks, water features etc.
  2. Hi, you are right, fengshui audit comes first. But if you have ID plan ready, can consult with Master for his advice and changes can be made if necessary.
  3. Hi, Tomato66 In today's cosmopolitan city, high rise building is akin to mountain , roads, junction and highways are referred to as virtual water. Whether these are good or bad, depends largely on it's proximity with your units. Staying near Road junction, highways will have vehicles moving fast speed which generate excessive Sha Qi, bringing unduly vibration , sound and air pollutions to building. This cause the occupants unease and some may not rest & sleep well. If it is the view of the cross junction you are concerned, just put up curtains to shield the part where the junction 'cuts inward ' to your unit.
  4. EC at The Vales - Sengkang The ancient Chinese belief system acknowledges the fundamental importance of home – a key aspect of your personal economy. "Your personal economy represents the health of your whole financial life, it incorporates all the things you value most: your home, your work, your family, your passions, and your legacy. " Owning a home is one thing, living in harmony with conducive environmental Qi is utmost important! Getting the right Feng Shui master is also your luck! PM me for any further information.
  5. Hi, everyone it has been a long time since my last post on my own thread "Extreme Makeover at Pandan Gardens " I am not a critics but if you read my post, on my thread, I do made recommendations and provide advices on Feng shui related topics. After a hiatus for a period, I'm now back to this forum. As usual, for simple advice or any queries (renovation or any metaphysics ), you can continue to PM me
  6. Are you READY to "FENG SHUI" your home for the Year of 戊戌2018 ?
  7. 人生的路,是風是雨,都要走。 易經占卜, 可帮助我们决定快乐人生。 因人生 … 走對了路,每段都是精彩的。 做對了事,每件都是開心的。 愛對了人,每天都是幸福的。
  8. Tilting of door is not an ideal solution....as master is based on Qi formula (especially flying star calculations). What is most important is Landform theory. Door is akin to our Mouth, the entrance where Qi enters our house. How to eat if your mouth is slanting to one side of your face? If Door is slanted, and not taking care of where the tilt angle is facing, it will be a disaster. I have came across houses with front doors tilted to one corner hitting the sharp angle of wall, instead of opening to vast wide space in front of the house. A major flaw...
  9. Hi, everybody It has been a long time since I last logged into this forum. If a house has negative energy, do not take it lightly. Engage a professional to do the job. Imagine this...if there is that kind of things in the house, where you want to 'chase' it away? To your neighbor? We must let them 'rest' in a proper place...instead of wondering again.
  10. Interesting discussion here...if in doubt, take a coin out and do a casting....to get the answer whether you should or should not go into this marketing line. Head = Yes, Tail = No. PM me if you want to learn this further.
  11. mae29


    "Rocketed" is a doubtful word indeed. FSM are not 神仙,they cannot create 'results' if you don't work hard for your money. If FSM are 神仙, why don't they create 'rocketed' results to grow their fortune for themselves? How many FSM are millionnaires? None here...other than the rich and famous Dato JY!! In a nutshell, feng shui cannot make you richer if you are born to be poor. It can only improve your life to a certain degree, say from level D to D+ or D++. It cannot create you from level D to level A. Otherwise, I myself will be one of the millionnaires and do not need to work so hard for my retirement nest...as I have learnt from 8 masters in all types of subjects in Chinese Metaphysics... Ofcourse, all my 8 mentors / teachers are millionnaires and do not have to teach me ..if Feng shui can create "rocketed" results.
  12. All feng shui masters are service providers, and therefore, do expect different practices and the methods / schools of thoughts varies from one to another. I am mentioning this as I myself have entered into this arena years ago, upon completion of YiJing divination. Not many masters use this YiJing method and I am one of the rare ones. So, if you ask around, not many people knows what YJ FengShui is all about.
  13. After so many years, this thread is still so active with people asking for the list.
  14. Happy New Year to all folks here! Decided to log into this forum as I might start a new thread for my home again...extension of Extreme Make over at Pandan Gardens. On many occasions, the thoughts of shifting to new place came ringing around me, but my children like to stay in where we are now. The thoughts renovation did haunt me...yes...really afraid to do reno as junks have piled up everywhere and I need to be mind-focused to begin somewhere As usual, I will be sharing my reno journey if this did materialize!! Before that, let me share with you the goods and the worst dates in 2016. Stay tuned! I will be back!!
  15. Oh really...what a pity ya...I think the ImageFrame removed my data?
  16. This post may be useful to those doing major activities in July 2014. Good Days and Bad Days in July Year of the Horse by Master Edgar Lok. JULY 2, 2014 AT 10:24 PM In Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui date selection, the starting day of the month is neither on the first day of the western calendar nor the first day of the lunar calendar month. The starting day of a month in Chinese Astrology or Feng Shui date selection is based on the Solar Terms Month. Coming up in the Goat month is from the 7th of July to the 7th of August. Anyway, here are the BAD days in the Goat month in the year of the Horse 2014. Wednesday 16th July 2014 Thursday 17th July 2014 Monday 28th July 2014 Tuesday 29th July 2014 Wednesday 6th August 2014 The following dates are GOOD for your events. However be careful you need to know your own animal signs. If these dates clash with your personal animal, dont perform important event on these dates. These dates may bring different results to different individual as their Bazi charts are different. Wednesday 9th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Pig) Saturday 12th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger) Tuesday 15th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Snake) Friday 18th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Monkey) Saturday 19th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Rooster) Monday 21st July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Pig) Thursday 24th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Tiger) Sunday 27th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Snake) Wednesday 30th July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Monkey) Thursday 31st July 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Rooster) Saturday 2nd August 2014 (Not suitable for animal sign: Pig) Please Note: For the other dates in the Horse month which are not mentioned above, they dont have good or bad energy. So they wont bring positive result to you.
  17. mae29

    Is It Silly

    The Feng Shui topic is widely discussed on Facebook. There was recent article Written in Chinese by Master Tony Tan (陈大宏)dated yesterday 5-Jun at 1:35pm, simply about People born within the same time having same set of birth data but with different fate/luck. Hope you find the article interesting.
  18. The Feng Shui topic is widely discussed on Facebook. There was recent article Written in Chinese by Master Tony Tan (陈大宏)dated yesterday 5-Jun at 1:35pm, simply about People born within the same time having same set of birth data but with different fate/luck. Hope you find the article interesting.
  19. Just like any religion, you must have faith in your belief.
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    Is It Silly

    TS, since it is already 8 years, things may change - your living internal & external environment etc. It is recommended to do a full audit of your house, as your son's birth data has correlation with your house.
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    New Home

    TS, you can google and look up some masters who wrote articles on this subject. Depending on your religion, for eg if you are Taoist, then there are rituals with offerings to be prepared. All depends on individuals as they are people who don't believe and don't practice it.
  22. Modern shoe cabinet looks like any elegant tall cabinet. As long as the shoes are not exposed, properly stored inside the cabinet, there is nothing to fret about. If it is exposed type, just cover it up. Usually it is psychological effect that influence us.