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  1. Hi all, Anyone know where to get this towel ladder bar as shown below others than purchase thru internet? Is there any shop in sg I can buy it and how much does it cost? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/806/towelhangerladderstyle.jpg/ TIA Emobebe
  2. Hi, I need opinions from whoever expert here or anyone...about kitchen cabinet laminates. I have chosen the following items for my kitchen 1) White Ceramic Tiles for kitchen wall 2) Grey texture anti-slip homogenous tile for kitchen floor 3) Indian Black Galaxy Granite for kitchen top 4) White tempered glass in between top and bottom cabinet (can change the colour) Initial thought was wanna blend in with some woodgrain laminates at the kitchen cabinet which is L Shape and have a tall cabinet but not sure what is the best combination as in lighter wood colour or darker wood colour. I am not sure why i can't upload picture now. So, hopefully anyone out there can give me some ideas. TIA Emobebe
  3. Haha, I am back after being so busy for the past few weeks. Btw, where did you see this sofa? How much the cost? Cheers:) emobebe
  4. hi, your explanation is very helpful to me cos i was a bit confused earlier on. just pm u...pls check...
  5. What is your best price for Fujihoh FX900 and FG793GL? Btw, I noticed that fujihoh FX900 got two types > R and V at the behind? For hdb, which one we should use? Another question is that I read about the specification and function of FX900 and FX890, it seems that FX900 can perform better job than the other one in term of oil suctioning but I was so surprised that when the salesman who demo to me, it works the other way round. Is there any explanation about this? Just curious.
  6. Just read your postings. You have a very detail explanation although some of the things I don't really understand especially the piping stuff. I thought the piping should be changed to new one since you had hacked the floor or I misunderstood? Haha...
  7. Hi, Can anyone suggest me if i have a black and white theme kitchen, how should i should blend it with some woodgrain theme in the living room? Thanks! Cheers:) Emobebe
  8. How is your carpentary progress? Any more photos to show us? Haha, eager to see your new home!
  9. Hmm, I think a bit tough for three of us to meet together. Sng28 > What about I meet Jaskel separately? I hope you don't mind. Jaskel > I meet you for tea time then. Will let you know the exact date and time Cheers:) Emobebe
  10. in fact, my husband and me feel that we should buy in a move in condition unit next time if we were to buy again. why is it so? we learnt that some minor hiccup may occurs although we never encountered in our first flat transaction. our transaction was so so so smooth. not sure because right now our good minister did a very good job to protect seller's every right...LOL second is that, searching a good ID / Contractor is not easy. we are so lucky to know Jaskel cos he is willing to share his experience and give us his professional advise which i believe most of the bosses won't do that.
  11. I was sick on and off for a week liao...I guess due to heaty...i am a housewife... occasionally will take up some part time job to do so that y the timing all cannot confirm...but a few things can confirm now. Wesak day > I can't make it >> In law request to pray at the temple so i guess whole day will be gone after that. 22nd May > Final inspection on site. Seller haven't let me know the timing...sighs. 23rd May > I need to meet my lawyer again to settle some stuff. 25th May > Bro coming to sg. I need to pick him up from airport... We still can meet Jaskel at his place or his area. Jaskel, don't worry about the transportation... Singapore is a small island. All are linked up with MRT and bus. I also can ask my husband to send me over. Cheers:) Emobebe
  12. You are right! Should give to expert to do. Then we can focus on our own work. I guess that will be more efficient for all parties...
  13. hi sng28, i guess i would be like you one day...paste here and there...but i think it is normal for us cos we know nothing and we wanna prevent miscom....
  14. Me has been sick since two days back...woken up at odd timing...sighs... Btw, when is our gathering? Sorrie, I really a bit blur liao.
  15. wow, this is good to know! you still posting at this time...early in the morning...anyway, thanks I got your reply.
  16. wah, paint room also can paint salah...they didnt do a marking at the wall??? or the head didn't brief the painter...very headache. i hope they will do a correction for you soon.
  17. Yeah, making a decision is not easy. Can understand.. Btw, I am ok with anything about the arrangement to meet up with Jas and you. But must tell me exact date and time cos I am very blur type...haha...
  18. your price seems cheapest among all even from ID factory...substandard ya
  19. Wow but if u feel it is necessary, then you make the right choice cos at the end of the day i assume that you will stay there for quite some times. For me, I intend to do a simple make over will do.
  20. That is good! Anything you wanna discuss, you can just walk over. Btw, how much your total reno cost ya? Did you do your window glass and grill plus rewiring???
  21. Yes, I do agree. The kitchen cabinets **** costly! LOL but no choice... Your quote is consider cheap cos EM is much more bigger. If hack expensive not even to mention carpentry work. Space does matter in SG..LOL
  22. Hi J|ng, my toilets are small too like yours but no choice. If you were to move in, how they are gonna to do the rest of the works? Not sure whether you can tolerate all the dust and smell from the paint. I ever encountered hdb upgraded my previous flat all the windows and toilets....wah lao very dusty and smelly from the bangla workers..haiz... Btw, care to share who is the contractor doing your place? If not comfortable here, can always PM me? thanks! Cheers:) emobebe
  23. Sng28 >> Can, no problem. I am at the west. No problem....I can take mrt or bus to Jaskel's place. What time ya?? Jaskel >> Can pm me your mobile number and your address? Thanks!