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  1. BTW Wilson is the sales guy who attend to me. After sales service horrible. 360 degree change after making payment.
  2. Fabulous Curtain not at all Fabulous. Signed up with Fabulous Curtain during Dec 2013. They told me they have the colour of the curtain I like that's why I signed up with them. Turn out 2 days after payment, they informed me the fabric of that colour in their warehouse having defects. I waited for next batch 2 months later and they told me supplier stop production of the colour. They do not even have prove on what they said. If they do not have the colour in the first place why must conned me into signing the contract? Not only that, they did not follow up with my blinds and I had to keep calling them for appointment. Now is Aug 2014, they said they will remove the curtain quote from my bill and ask me pay up my remaining balance. Curtain they told me was high quality and very expensive and now they only remove $444 from my total bill. I signed up with them was $1300 for 3 blinds and 1 curtain in the living room. Now they told me actual price is $1966 before discount which they never inform me in the first place when I signed up. I questioned them why they took so long to reply me and they said very rudely that I am not their only customer. They even threatened to sue me for not paying up the remaining balance. They promised me a spare curtain at the very beginning but turn out said not enough spare curtain. I questioned them and they said no such thing.I really feel this company is unreliable and dishonest.SIGN UP WITH FABULOUS CURTAIN FURNISHING AT 561 BALESTIER ROAD AT YOUR OWN RISK
  3. This is the whole story I saw the curtain i like so i signed up with them for 1 curtain at the living room & 3 blinds in bedrooms. Paid a deposit of $500 (total price is $1300) on 2nd Dec 2013. 2 days later after payment, this staff that i signed up with (WILSON) told me colour defect in his warehouse so i must change colour. So coincidence that such a short period of time colour defect for only that colour? I suspect they don't have it in the first place and cheat me into signing the contract. I told him i will wait for next batch since i cannot find another colour or design i like after going down to choose again. He told me will be 2 months later after cny. On 19 feb, i received a msg from Wilson that supplier had stop production of that colour of my curtain. Another coincidence? He said he will revert back to me and give me an explanation. and only until 24 apr then i received another of his msg apologise to me for the delay and said he reservist for 3 weeks. from 19 feb to 24 apr was 65 days and reservists only 21 days and i question him this and he told me very rudely that i am not his only customer. He also claimed that i ignored his calls when what i recalled is he only start calling me 1 time in May, another time in June and last time in July for remaining balance when my curtain had not been up till now. He said he will removed the curtain off my invoice and demand me to pay up the remaining balance if not he is going to issue me court letter. But the problem is he give me a breakdown of the price which i am totally not aware. Now he claimed the actual price before discount is $1966 and after discount is $1300, so he only will removed $414 off the $1966. But when i signed up that time he told me his curtain is of good quality and cost $800+. SIGN UP WITH FABULOUS CURTAIN AT YOUR OWN RISK COS AFTER SALES SERVICE IS REALLY DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE.
  4. Don't sign up with FABULOUS CURTAIN AT BALESTIER. Read my link at http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/64667-fabulous-curtain-horrible/?p=868640 WILSON FROM FABULOUS CURTAIN HAS REALLY BAD AFTER SALES SERVICES AND THIS COMPANY REALLY TOO MUCH.