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  1. New 4 rm BTO Hall 18k Btu, MBR 9k Btu 1/2 inch profile and copper 22, armaflex 0 class Years on warranty and parts and installation. Price GST charageble??? Earliest date to commence work??? BTW, what is the MOST BUDGET Sys 2 inverter with the same Btu and specs that you have on offer??? URGENT! Pls reply to bnilim@gmail.com as I am about to sign with Gaincity or Creation Air
  2. you should have call the bank to cancel the transaction
  3. The price of the new flat/old flat will be determine by HDB base on location,room size/flr and time frame for occupancy. I am afraid nobody will be able to answer now until the launch by HDB. Do visit the HDB website, you can gather a lot of info prior to your decision to buy a new flat
  4. There is a balance flat launching soon this month by HDB. The wait time is shorter or immediate occupancy than BTO(prices will be higher than original/first launch(25%) but lower than market price in the same area). However the response will be overwhelming. Luck is impt ! Since you have pay in full for your present flat, the CPF should be enough to cover your new HDB unit(480k from sales and OA). Moreover, you have enough to pay for the 10% without selling your present unit, that makes you all the more eligible. My advise. If you can stay at your parents hse or rent (3-4mths)after selling & during renovation, you need not take up any loan frm HDB or bank (Dont waste your 2nd eligibility HDB LOAN- half of the cash proceeds have to go to your new hse if i am not wrong) Tho interest is low but not worth it as min loan frm bank is 100k. Your timing must be good. HDB will advise you of the completion date (key collection) of your flat. So about 8 mths before, you should start selling (@4 mths for 1st and 2nd appt plus marketing of your present flat, 2-3mths for renovation, 1 mth for time-cushion and hiccups for all processes) Hope this helps:))
  5. Congrats on your new purchase )) and found the house that you love Once you hit the various criterias that i mentioned earlier, the 65k COV looks a decent buy. Most impt, both the seller & you are decisive. I am happy for you
  6. I must say u are very lucky to get 50k Most probably for these reasons: Very near MRT or Very nice decor. Perhaps the lady was eyeing your area for some particular reasons like near to family members or workplace Other than that, few sensible buyers will actually pay 50k in Pasir Ris for none of the above
  7. So are you saying that you dont have the cash or sufficient CPF enough to pay the 10% downpayment during selection? If this is the case, you have no choice but to apply for HLE. But you have enough CPF or cash to cover the 10% downpayment.. @30k to be comfotable with in your case, you can estimate & sell your flat when you know the PCD from HDB. So when the CPF from sales of your old flat goes back to your a/c, it can be used to pay for your new BTO flat without loan In this case, you dont need to loan from bank or used your 2nd HDB loan entitlement, just in case you need it in the future. However, lodging will be an issue and your tinming must be good in disposing the old flat. Hope it helps )
  8. Congrats )))) wish you a blessed & loving marriage
  9. Hate to say this but if i am the seller, you are going to get it from me. Curse&Swear a must. As much as we detest sellers of the same kind but at the same time, we must keep our integrity as upright buyers
  10. I sincerely empathized with your friend. If i were him/her, i just count on my bad luck and LL let the 1k go rather than buying an Ah Long house. Cant imagine the hassle and costs that need to be shoulder.....((((( Definetely more than 1k
  11. hahaha...agent looking for business are you trying to imply that you are the very smart one who see the cov rising again in that few weeks time frame?
  12. Warlock is right. Dont be greedy. Set yourself a target and once it hit, just let go. Try to surf the net or call to check listings those units near your few blocks area. Be competitive as you are not the only 1 selling. Buyers will choose the one with the right price. If you set too high, you dont even have the chance to nego with buyers cos nobody even bother to call your agent to arrange for viewing.
  13. Prices for HDB has increase from Jan to Sept now @5%. So 528k + 5%appreciation = @554k. So you cannot judge the resale price back then in Jan Just my 2 cents worth
  14. If you are not in the hurry, hold on to your buy. I will never never pay 60k for a 3rd floor in JW. If you tell me the flat is less than 8 year old, mid-high floor with nice-decor, and 5 mins walk to MRT, i will consider. Spend more time on property-guru and other web-sites. U be surprised thee are many houses for sale at reasonable cov or open for nego. The sellers just quote for fun and wait for an impulsive buyer. So be patient. I am not saying that JW is no good but a check with the data, JW belongs to the lower tier that doesnt command such high cov. Just hang a carrot to this seller at 30k non-nego as you have a few places in mind already and continue your search. In 2 months time if he still cant any buyer, he will turn anxious and nego with you. BTw, best of luck for searching the new home