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  1. u can try that... i also tried all methods.... sometimes still can smell it but bearable.. maybe u can try buy this charcoal liquid thing from ntuc...one bottle is abt $6 plus..it works well for me
  2. hmm... i think im one of the few who never top up any. my album only got 22 poses. and is one page one foto type. i tink my hubby muz be thinking really lucky to have me..muhahahahaha.. help him save money i was like lookin thro the fotos... instead of sayin i want this that ...i was like..this one reject, this one dun wan.. eliminating style... the studio personnel was like tryin to persude me to top up more.. told me..design this nicer..or this foto i look so pretty blah blah blah.... but sian when i was indifferent.. haha.. i think she muz be thinkin where got bride like tt one. dunno lei..personally i jus feel wedding fotos only for that day itself...then store up somewhere..maybe when feel like it then bring out to see again... so feel no point spendin so much on it. rather use the money go for longer honeymoon ba.
  3. can see my acct number meh.. ops.. hehe aiyo.. hope e sp guy not so eng eng to go n check pple acct lar.. 绝招ah.. nothing special lei.. like wat i said earlier lor..maybe is becos of most of the appliances tt i bought are energy saving one.. even my lights are energy saving thou cost more lar maybe jus share some of the things that i have been doin ba.. 1. accumulate more clothes before i throw into washing machines. maximum twice a week wash clothes. Then use dryer. 2. if we are not in the room, kitchen etc, will switch off the lights 3. aircon on a few hours every nite n not the whole nite. Not with the intention to save electricity but i scare of cold. haha 4. thermal flask only on it when i need boilin water fast. Usually i use kettle to boil water. cant think of any special things leh
  4. shd be workin fine lei. i mean the SP service guy got check before
  5. dunno lei. It started off abt 20 plus a month when we haven move in yet. Then now it has been 50 plus since. Hopefully will stay as it is.
  6. Total electricity for this mth is abt $27 water $12 gas $4.50 then add miscellaneous etc abt $53 in total for this mth
  7. i live in 5 rm executive. so far my bill is $50 plus. think pretty low seeing the bills of the forumers here, i was surprised too. cook abt 3 to 4 times a week. wash clothes abt 2 times a week, follow by Dryer, cos i dun dare to hang my clothes out. aircon on every night but shut off after a few hours or when room gets cold. I use water alot cos i mop my floor every day as i had a dog, cant stand my floor dirty. Vacuum abt every alternate days. Dunno whether is it becos the electrical appliances i bought mostly are energy saving. Like my fridge that i bought thou is big but it got 4 ticks on energy consumption. Think aircon also.
  8. Thank you all for the info! All of you have been a great help! cheers
  9. u know where is lims art & craft? thanks
  10. anyone know where i can buy this? it looks very real, but is fake one.. wanna do up my pond area with these. thanks
  11. i think after giving birth, women will tend to age faster. Of cos still depends on individual.. got a fren who used to have beautiful skin, during the pregnancy period, maybe due to hormone change, started to develop pigmentation on the face. but well... sacrifice for a beautiful baby is worth it. Most importantly is to maintain a youthful and beautiful heart. when you have the inner beauty it will shine on your face! Stay happy and don worry too much. Also must exercise regularly. You see those athletics or sportsman, they look younger than their age. we cant defy aging but we can age gracefully.
  12. hahahahaha...cant help laughing at some of the postings... entertaining. anyway, abt the topic, i also bought one skinny jeans. After YEARS of not wearing jeans at all. Din buy a very expensive one cos scare i will throw aside after wearing once. It looks good.. according to my colleagues lar.. but i feel it is really hot..maybe already used to wearing skirt. think only when the weather is cold then i will wear again..hehe
  13. Hi Master Chong, so u mean i can just ignore it? And u mention abt tortoise shell, where do we place it?
  14. Hi all! just realised my neighbour attached a display for house unit number to the wall beside his door. Is like an arrow pointing towards my door. Hope u get what i mean. Although it is not pointing to the center of my door, is pointing towards the side panel of my main door. is this ok? Heard from feng shui point of view, is not good to have any object pointing towards your main door. The head of the that display is round and not sharp, is that alright? someone suggest me to put a 'pa kwa' outside my door... hmm..a bit weird i find cos both myself n my hubby are not religious pple. tot that is for taoist? Any suggestion?
  15. Hi all, the HDB officer came down to inspect. However he cant find any fault too. No leakage discovered. He only advise me to open the window for ventilation and buy the.. hmm.. i dunno wat it is called.. the one you place at the toilet bowl to kill germs and remove odour.. think can buy from NTUC. i know very well the smell came from the plug hole, as i had placed a tile over it. And for the past few days, there is no sewage smell at all. Also i bought this charcoal liquid (bought from giant) that can help in absorb odour. so far so good. cross my fingers. The HDB officer said thou he cant discovered any fault, he will take note of it, as the smell could be from the unit below mine (they are renovating now). properly can buy the thing you said for double effect.
  16. Hi! the water level is normal. I had called up HDB, the officer is nice enough to offer to come down to my house to inspect. Hopefully he will know what is wrong and do the necessary.
  17. Thanks. Problem is we also dunno what to check for.. blockage? but seemingly it looks quite normal... hmm...
  18. plug hole... hmm.. where is it located...hee
  19. Hi! anyone has this experience? Our MBR toilet has this strong sewage smell. My hubby has checked out all the pipes to see if there is any leakage but there is none. Is very disturbing and we have to close the toilet at all times, else the whole MBR will have this smell. I bought a special charcoal liquid and place it in the toilet to absorb the smell. It works for a while. I find the sewage smell is especially strong whenever those staying in the higher level flush the toilet. Anyone know what can be the problem?
  20. Why platform bed is not good? if already have it wat to do? for an chuang, wat is the procedure? i also thinkin to ask the person to deliver first.
  21. i think it really depends on the officer who assist u. Mine is also a WIS, 5 yrs vacant. when we got the flat, also alot of defects. But the officer really nice, help us change alot of the things. While renovating, we realised there are still quite a number of things need to rectify, we just call him without even need to go to HDB, and he jus arranged and asked the contractors to do up for us.
  22. For those who might be interested, Raffles Medical got a premarital check. Px $138 before GST. Check includes full blood count blood group VDRL HIV serology Rubellan serology Hepatitis serology Urine FEME Doctor's review Dun ask me wats that cos i dunno too.