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  1. Haha....I think you better get You Long Tze than him.
  2. Waaa.....Felix, don't have to be so worked up leh!!! A practitioner shouldn't sound like that especially to a lady leh! This is very sarcastic and rubbing salt to the wound. As a matter of fact, I think she's quite right. Last time heard from few masters that 'san he' and the etc etc water method not accurate leh. Well, I thought you quite open, that's why I ask and share, if you gonna get worked up again, I'll be disappointed. I heard from other masters that if water placed wrongly, sometimes can be so bad that accident happen or can see blood leh. I hope those people you try didn't involve much with water placement. Anyway, if you know water method, you should know the chinese phase that Ivy wrote? Don't you?
  3. Interesting!! What concept or methods do you base on? I have never heard from other masters on your this concept of "money flow" Can elaborate?
  4. really pathetic.... this is a classic example of a pot calling the kettle 'black'.
  5. Turtle/ tortoise is considered auspicious animal. There are many people who rear them in confinement. So how do you think this master explained?
  6. Sunlight into the room is always good. Anyway, this is during the day, should be alright. Blocking is when you're sleeping.
  7. Pets trapped or caged is bad feng shui. Then, the zoo? Pet shops, bird shops and all those houses with caged hamsters, confined turtles, chain rockweller etc all bad feng shui? This Huijie fsm's concept is questionable. Maybe he's talking about Karma instead of feng shui
  8. Yes, master chang is from fengshuiyinyang.com. Ok, will pm you.
  9. Not surprising to me. For me my career income kept going strong ansd steady. Those who backstab me all suddenly disappear or turn nice. I'm still scraching my head!!
  10. Of course. This is what feng shui comes into place. On the other hand must get the right master. Get wrong one may become worse.
  11. Heard my FS master said that there are a few things to consider. Like positioning, form meaning, chi etc.
  12. For me also not very well verse.... If wei ji sounds better then 既济, then you are suggesting its better to have stove higher than sink? Any practical reason?
  13. Have you heard of "still waters run deep"? You are the best joke in feng shui......
  14. In feng shui either its right or wrong, didn't your master teach you even one degree differnece you can be in the dead zone? When comes to feng shui there's no compromise. Yes, you are really in your own world expecting people to take your words literally.