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  1. The toilet bowl is very nice, where did you buy it and how much? Is the vanity cupboard bought or made by carpenter?
  2. Wow looking great! Seems that you are the handyman which has talents in DIY home projects, you actually need not engage contractor at all to save cost! Looking forward to your house transformation!
  3. Reno process looks great! May I know which agent do you use for your taobao loots? How much is the shipping cost for 3cbm? Sea frieght?
  4. Any updates? Looking forward to your 3.5rm transformation!
  5. OceanEleven Enjoy reading your TBLOG. Thank you so much for sharing about TAOBAO. May I ask you about consolidating the purchases. May I know how to consolidate the purchases from various sellers from TAOBAO/TMALL to ship all items at one go? What are the procedures? Thanks
  6. Wow nice transformation! Like boutique hotel
  7. Any updates?Looking forward to your living room transformation!
  8. Hi I love your balcony with greenery trees in front ! !Where is your house location? What is the area size for your 5 room? Looks very spacious. Can you share why for the 1st and 2nd Taobao shipment you use peeka whereas 3rd and 4th shipment you use Amcon? Based on what criteria/reasons to save on shipping cost? Tks in advance!
  9. Does the whole family use the same password code for entry to door or each individual can use different password lol? What happens if the battery is flat and you can't key in password to enter the house? What is the alternative? Tks!
  10. How much is the Samsung digital lock for main door? Who install for you?
  11. Hi Your boy's room will have no window and not much ventilation? Air con needs to be switched on all times?
  12. Will you be putting up some calligraphy on the wall ? You can brew some Chinese tea n rest & relax in your cosy home haha
  13. Wow zhong guo feng(oriental feel)! Looking forward to more pictures!