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  1. Thanks Joel and Charis. I am thinking FTP === ONT ===Cable link to RJ45s (Shoe cabinet) ==long Cat6 cables to tv console== tv console RJ45s to Wireless Modem ===Wireless modem === cable link to Mio Box / Phone
  2. Hi Charis, Can I check with you on your setup of the ONT as I am toying with the same idea of keeping it in my shoe cabinet. I am not exactly sure on how to do that. I have Cat6 cables laid from shoe cabinet to TV console as well as another one to the Study room. So a total of 2 wires. Currently my Open Net is in the shoe cabinet. I am going to connect the 2 wires above to RJ45 ethernet jacks. Plan: From Open Net box, optic fibre cable (yellow) connected to Singtel ONT. From Singtel ONT, 2 RJ45 cable out to wireless modem - connect cable from wireless modem to Mio TV box / phone here as well - Study room, Cable out to computer direct. Is this the right setup? Can I check what is that silver splitter lookalike thing below your coil of fibre optic cable (yellow wire?). Is it required for internet connection?
  3. .Any solution for the above? I have the same problem for my common and it was explained that they do not put the hot water above the cold. Either way actually since either pipe needs to go over the other for storage heater. My master bathroom wise, they used a connector for the same exact purpose which I found leakage initially and of which they then repaired with lots of white plumbing tape.....I still find it worst Than bending and weaker due to the joint connector being installed at such a weird angle (the bended area)
  4. Old flats have such problems. Quite normal. Just ensure door open and close with no problem
  5. I had a lot of problems with artist room as well. Made appointments, last minute change appointments etc until I was pretty fed up and sent him a firm email and cannot imagine getting them.
  6. Thanks. Thats a pull out then. ookok
  7. Thanks Klimoo, I know what you mean already. Are those Lourved wood doors in the bedroom and bifold as well meaning fold to one side like your kitchen doors. Nice combi with the MBR and the cabinet and Lourved door!
  8. Don't mind can you show me how the bifold door of your kitchen works? pm will do also. =) Does it push two ways or works like a typical aluminum bifold toilet door, fold to one side?
  9. He is Kevin, the contractor, as mentioned right in the thread above your reply. =)
  10. May I know which cement screed tiles you used ?
  11. thinking of using wood tiles throughout the entire house and was told it cost more by some ID. However, your place looks good. What color are the grouts? I like the tone of the tiles you use. Anyway, for kitchen use, are the wood tiles too slippery? That was another concern from an old contractor.
  12. Hi Bigbull, For the coffeetable, is it a trunk for storage right? Does it contain smaller trunks in there or its just a piece by itself. Also, for your gate, both the gates are electronic keyless locks? Can I know how well it works and the price if possible (can pm me as well if not convenient). Thanks!