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  1. An unexpected turn of events. As soon as i published the note above, my contractor developed some serious "personal" problems, causing a big delay in the last 10% of the work to be completed. Will keep you guys posted on how my ID fixes the situation.....
  2. Using CHL movers end of month for 2 moves done separately. Will update my progress soon. but everything seems to be in order and ok so far (my friend used them once)
  3. i was lucky to have an ID that i could work well with. From the start on, told my ID that i am cost conscious, and if i were to use him, i dont mind paying a premium over other IDs but he needs to work with me to reduce the cost overall on a best effort basis. So what hapened was i gave him a $ limit to work on 'fixed furnishings' (ie things that i cannot move outta the house after he makes them - like false ceilings, carpentry, decking, electricity and lights etc etc) and he worked within the limit, and i went out and get the cheapest deals, using my own connections on other things like furniture, loose items, wallpaper, curtains etc.. All in all, he controlled the schedule very well and lots of QC and lots of good ideas. Best was he even went above his normal responsbilkties and gave me good advice on furtnirue and soft furnishing color coordinations, and even help me choose my digital prints / paintings. I think @ the end of the day, it really depends on whether the ID has a) Good taste b) ability to work with client c) ability to coordinate with main con+ subcontractors d) his main con + subcontractors are high quality people. For more info, you can read my thread that i started on 'referrals on ID is the most important, etc'... almost 90% done now and really happy and excited
  4. hi bro, its best you ask these two guys for completed works stuff that they can show you on the laptop, and then ask them to show the 3d drawings drawn by them for the completed stuff look at the comparison, and you will know how good they are. then, ask them how they coordinate the the group (contractors, etc), (I really doubt a 24 yr old can manage all these. honestly, be careful here). If you really want to be careful, ask if its ok if you speak to his client on finsihed work (as shown in line 1) for a referral.... RenovAid is nothing new. my ID also appeared. he even told me, they always invite all kinds of people to be judges etc. i.e no big deal.
  5. You guys should gang up together, have a meeting, and do a class-action lawsuit- cheaper by the numbers, more effective and more publicity.
  6. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/61360-referrals-are-the-most-important-it-comes-to-choosing-ids/
  7. You may want to read my thread before u decide. Best of luck!
  8. I think the 3D + consultations are already worth the 1K you are paying them. in my case, i paid 3K for engagement + consultation+3D drawing initially.
  9. You mean you have paid the deposit and now you dont even want them to do the 3D drawing? It's gonna be difficult for you to cxl after they start work on it.
  10. Definitely not done by them..unless there is a place in Singapore that has fir trees (cold climate)
  11. http://www.vincentinteriorblog.com/recommended-dos-and-donts-for-your-home-renovation/?fb_source=pubv1&doing_wp_cron=1374918113.0879590511322021484375 I am not Vincent.....!
  12. I just bought a Kangen water set
  13. I will like to share my experiences with you, now that my unit is 85% done. Since early 2013 i have been trawling this website looking for information and engaging in a self learning process of ways to renovate my brand new unit (just TOP). I just want to say that one of the most commonly made mistakes everyone here make is to fall into the trap of looking for something / someone that is the "cheapest" out there. I also played with the idea of getting a design drawn and hiring my own contractors to do the job. Well, i am glad i didn't. Here's why. 1) There is no way to compare 'quotes' from one ID with another. Unless the quotes are fully itemized (they never will be) and branded properly, there is no way to compare the quality of fixtures and materials used by one ID versus another. 2) Things are bound to go wrong during the renovation process. There will be delays, there will be ad-hoc problems to be solved. One should include the price that one pays for the ID to involve their problem-solving capabilities. 3) One of the biggest reasons why one uses an ID is their ability and responsibility of managing the main contractor, carpenter, soft fixtures (curtains + wall paper), etc. One cannot just look at their prices quoted and know how good they are in doing this. Keep in mind these people (contractors, etc) are a different breed - they are difficult to manage. You can read about all the horror stories posted here regarding them. Before selecting on my current ID, i went out and got 3 competing quotes. I almost fell into the trap of choosing the cheapest ID. Now that i am 85% done with my stuff, i wonder if i will be as happy now if i had selected the cheaper alternative. Here's why. 1) My ID is very much on the ball - so much so, he PUSHES me to meet all my deadlines. When there is a problem, it is an instant phone call and we work together to solve the problem. 2) My ID is passionate about his work and talented. So much so that many of my earlier suggestions have been proven wrong. 3) There is no limit to the number of times he has visited my sites to make sure the contractors are working on schedule, and constantly rectify things on the spot if mistakes are made by them. 4) He controls the timing and schedule of his workers very well and adheres very strictly to the proposed schedule and handover timing between us. So in a nutshell, i am blessed because i made the right decision. Is 1-4 a reason why i had paid a premium (10-20%) versus the cheaper alternative? The answer is yes. It's a small price to pay for 1) things to happen and finish on time 2) Furnishings and fixtures to be top quality 3) Full transparency of things paid 4) Ability to pay and set up things myself (furniture, soft furnishings) while he focuses on the (fixed features) to jointly reduce the total costs of renovating 5) High level of trust. Having read many threads here on selecting IDs, i would recommend that forummers here do NOT fall into the trap of going for something that is the cheapest Go for a personalized service and think if one will pay a premium for all the intangibles as what i wrote above. In short, go for someone whom your friend/family/relatives/colleague have used and have high marks for execution and talent. In short, use the power of referrals in your selection process. In my case, this particular ID was used by my brother and that's how i settled on him because he did a great job for him. Never under estimate the power of referrals and relationships when it comes to choosing the right ID for your renovation work!