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  1. I've purchased the HF1P+ too. Didn't know that you can attach the system directly to your kitchen tap. The sales person told me that we have to use their faucet, I chose the HF1P+ over the HP1P-3AA with Antioxidant Alkaline filter as the HP1P+ comes with a nicer Hyflux Faucet. For me aesthetics rule over need.
  2. Sleepbeauty.. can share the link for your posters in your MBR toilet? Do they come with the frames? Am looking for pictures for my boys' room.
  3. Have you considered Elmark? They have quite alot of designs and we've bought our black fans there. We've opted for the black power coated stainless steel ones which cost more but their motors come with 10 yrs warranty thus we were sold. We had previously bought the same model in our previous home and have used the fans daily for 5 yrs, 7 days a week for more than 8 hours a day.. Had no issues with it. With you numbers, I am sure they are more than happy to extend a discount to you.
  4. Gem Flooring - Looks even better close up. The speed of your renovation is EXCEPTIONAL. So much done in less than a month. You've found yourself a very efficient contract. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. It's such a pity that its been hacked away. It's a gem ...l doubt it's easy to find this stone and won't come cheap either.
  6. Hi Sweetpoison, Congratulations on the purchased of your house... I LOVE the flooring of your living room. Its so hard to find such beautiful stones these days.. Are you going to keep it? With just a polish the whole house will look very posh & swanky.. Just cant stop drooling over it.. Do you know what time of stone it is?
  7. Hi Kim76, I chanced upon your Tblog and only managed to read up to page 14 out of 81 pages of your blog. Read that you've installed the 3M under sink filtration system; how would you rate it? I had plans to get the Hyflux system before coming across your blog. I understand that you got your online, do you mind sharing the link? P.S - is it easy to replace the filter cartridge?
  8. It's heart breaking to know that someone did that... must be too much wine during the party. I can understand how you feel. I had similar incidents too - I had tablespoon/ teaspoon/ forks / vegetable peeler that went missing ... I keep separate sets of cutleries - the daily used set and that for entertainment. If your current set is still available, would suggest that you get an extra set if you are particular about matching your cutleries... I regretted not getting more of the same set .. Worse - my MIL used by WMF larding knife to open tin can and the Chef knife to "chop" coconut. I was fuming mad when I saw the condition of my knives ... can't scold MIL so continued using the ugly knives for 5 yrs .. bought a new set to replace the current one. Will use the new set at the new place since she is no longer staying with us.. Have "trained" my current helper to use the appropriate knives..
  9. Thank you Greg for your help in translating stainless steel water pitcher. My last resort if cannot find on Taobao - put it in my wishlist and send it out to my friends for them to buy for my house warming
  10. I've learnt my lessons with parties - try not to be too ambitious and plan the menu carefully. I try not to have too many stove cook meals and rely a lot on the oven. With parties more than 15 pax - out comes the disposables. Good that you've had the tablecloth covering the marble island, wine stains are hard / near impossible to get rid. There's a marble spray that you can get from Home FIX, I used it daily on my dinning table after every meal. It helps protects the marble.
  11. Thanks Greg for the links.... Will add them to my purchase list after I've moved into the new place.. Am sourcing for contacts to buy Stainless Steel water pitcher (similar to those used in Restaurants), the ones at TOTTs are in their hundreds.. looking for cheaper alternatives on Taobao this morning but without much success
  12. Love how the kitchen rack looks in your kitchen and are those copper cookware I see? Got any lobang for them? Would love to have a kitchen rack like yours in mine but we are do heavy cooking in our kitchen, I do not think having the utensils exposed is a good idea.
  13. I love leg of lamb , mum just roasted one with lots of garlic & rosemary for our Christmas dinner as I do not have a oven in my current place. I tried roasting one many Christmases ago - failed miserably, it was dry and tough. Thank God for the honey baked ham if not, it will be meatless Christmas. Did you get a meat thermometer or does your oven comes with a digital probe? My mum can roast anything without one but I can't; rely on the meat thermometer to get the ideal roast.
  14. Love how your house is coming along & love the items you've purchased from TB. PS. Is your tablecloth printed on both sides? Had bad experience with my old place where the prints on plastic bags got transferred on my counter top. By just looking at the picture of your shepherd pie is making me hungry.. doesn't look like a trial effort - it looks perfect and I am sure the taste is even better. Merry Christmas
  15. We have 3 hand painted acrylic paintings on canvas for sale. These replica paintings are hand-painting by the same artist hence the brush strokes of the 3 paintings are the same. Each painting measures 150cm x 100cm. Selling at $80/each or $200 for the set of 3 paintings. Click here to view http://prelovedcorner.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/hand-painted-vintage-paintings/ Please email twinkledust33@gmail.com to enquire.