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  1. This is actually the worst as those scouring pads can actually scratch your tiles permanently
  2. What i remember is that grinding actually grinds down the tile material but polishing seems to only to polish the tile enamel only
  3. Personally TS i think your contractor did a good job
  4. Coloured grouts may be nice but when it comes to maintaining these grouts it becomes difficult
  5. Town council is like that, they will take a few weeks just to replace a light bulb, but for sewage its better to make sure the town council fixes it
  6. These type of specialised lighting equipment you can most probably find at IMM as they have most of the specialised lighting shops at that place
  7. Just use some white cement, it should fix it all up
  8. For normal white tile grouts any hardware shops should have unless you need those coloured ones
  9. Something like that acrylic paint also has a very glossy look to it too
  10. I think that is the one TS means
  11. Jalan besar opposite the hawker centre, got row of shops they all specialize in wood work one, can try asking them
  12. No need to pay S$600, thats daylight robbery You can diy yourself, all you need is some plaster, a scraper, a bottle of bleach and white spray paint, all will not cost you more than S$20 There is a video below on how to diy it, its step by step
  13. Jetspray i think uses alot of water, your water bill will skyrocket, not advisable in my opinion