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  1. Dear colloncream,


    can i have the contractor's contact number?

    my email: zhenyuan@gmail.com




  2. 1) I don't think can install. Need ask contractor to assess stability of current false ceiling. Probably need to strengthen it 2) if electrical wires are well hidden in the false ceiling, u probably have to remove them 3) from my parents' place experience, cost 600 to remove false ceiling in living room. If u got false ceiling in rooms as well, probably more. But shouldn't exceed 800/1000. Just my 2 cents
  3. Price depends on range of tiles u choose. I don't think it's recommended to do cement screed in toilet. Easy to get mould growth compared to tiles
  4. Better to declare, else custom officer may ask when they check ur boot. Produce receipt upon declaring, custom officer will convert to sgd and tax 7%. Won't get taxed if ur purchases don't exceed allowed quota. I can't remember how much the quota is. Nways, with 7% GST, still cheaper than buying in sg lo. Hope this helps
  5. I bought lights for my entire house from taobao! cos it's a lot cheaper than SG. they have arrived in good condition but havent installed yet. scared now after reading so many poor reviews. keeping my fingers and toes crossed......
  6. I bought all my fans from msia, 30%-40% cheaper compared to sg. Even if i include the petrol costs and effort to go in and buy, it's still cheaper.
  7. Sharing my experience. I engaged a contractor too, after sourcing through many IDs. Contractor cheaper than IDs for same work done. Reno has started, hope it completes well too. So far so good. Good workmanship and very responsive. Got pics in my t-blog. pm me if you want his contact number.
  8. if you already know what you want for the renovation, suggest you get a few quotations from contractors too. usually contractors are cheaper than IDs.
  9. I'm engaging this Mr T. So far so good, good workmanship, very responsive and good pricing. BUT, his designs are usually modern / contemporary. If you want something unique, better to have your own ideas. We want industrial mixed with vintage. Showed him pictures of what we want and he could reproduce. Got some pics on my t-blog. If interested, pm me for his contact ba.