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  1. Hi, have anyone heard of LURF, made in Korea. www.floorxpert.com
  2. Hi, care to email me your quotation ? javenlim1@gmail.com
  3. Hi Chng, How is you reno coming along ? Care to share some pictures of your kitchen island ? Many thanks.
  4. Hi there Can you please share with me LED distributor and the quotation for your renovation. My email address is javenlim1@gmail.com Many Thanks.
  5. Hi Chng After reading your post, I had made up my mind to go ahead with the kitchen island. I am getting my resale 3 room too. Care to share with me the length & breath of your kitchen island & your dining table ? Many thanks.
  6. hi MoonRiver How is your renovation coming along ? Are the outcome similar with the 3D design ? Can you show us some pictures of your new house ? Many Thanks.
  7. Hi iwanpeace, can you please email me (javenlim1@gmail.com) a picture of your kitchen layout. I am interested in building a kitchen island in my 3 room hdb too. Many Thanks.
  8. Hi, had any one had a kitchen island in their 3 rm hdb. Care to share a picture ?
  9. Hi there, I am looking for a contractor to reno my 3 rm resale. Would any one be kind enough to email me the quotation and ID/contractor ?
  10. Hi, I am considering OPSH too. Would visit their showroom this weekend. Had anybody engage their services before ? Thank You