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  1. Hi wmayeo, Possible to pm me your contractor contacts too? Thanks =)
  2. Hi mind pm me the which shipping service you used for your taobao purchases?
  3. Hi sorry to see such irresponsible ID out there. Mind if you PM me his contact? Thanks
  4. Hi, looking for 4 ceiling fans with LED lights for 3 bedrooms and 1 living room. Could you send me catalogs and recommendation? Thanks =)
  5. Hi Junlong, your project is very nicely done. Able to pm me your details? Thanks
  6. Hi possible to pm me your id so as to avoid? Sorry for your bad experience
  7. qrsy2k

    Curtains Help

    Anyone can PM me vincent number too? Thanks =)
  8. Hi Chris do PM me on Mitsubishi Starmax System 4 (BTO 4 rm) Do include the installation details or upgrades cost. Thanks =)