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  1. I know of a humble chinese electrician who does the whole house rewiring at a very reasonable price. If you are keen, PM me.
  2. I know electricians who can run the cables for you, but they can't tune your sound system thou. PM me know if you need my contact.
  3. I agree with others. Use a professional electrician. You pay a fee but you sleep well at night and you feel safe for years. Anyway, electrical cables are not cheap and there are so many types to cater for different needs. Most importantly, experience electricians know the right way of installing the electrical wires rather than "aga" "aga" just install and see how. Anyway, just my humble opinion.
  4. If you are doing fiber optic lighting on the ceiling, it is best to put the illuminator in the false ceiling. Doing this will help you to connect fiber optics strands into the illuminator easily, at the same time, you can hide the illuminator above it. Also, remember to do a access panel and leave the illuminator around it. This will comes in handy when it comes to maintaining the illuminator. Cheers.
  5. CBM is Cubic Meter, or Length x Width x Height in meter unit or volume of the items. Usually shipping company charge the fee to their customers using how much $ per CBM. You can use Taobao Asia to help you in your shipping directly to Singapore. So the shipper will handle the CBM for you, you just need to pay the final bill when your item is arrived in Singapore warehouse. F.O.P
  6. I agree with zngmybto. Lighting plays a very important role in home and shouldn't limit your creativity. If your home theme allows, you can consider using track light, downlight, wall lamp, pendant lamp, standing lamp and table lamp. But take note that too many lighting will overkill the ambience you want to create. F.O.P
  7. Starry Night Fiber Optics Lighting Project Reference
  8. Thought of getting fiber optics lighting? Call me for more information