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  1. Your friend in the real estate agency sure got take commission for referral one..... How I know? Because last time I also approach real estate agent tell them if they sell any new house let me know I give them 10% comms if they can get me new customers...
  2. You'll be surprised... There are actually alot of such cases around....
  3. This is him indirectly saying your project is not worth my time, because I have other better renovations on hand that have better profits. Unless you hit him at a timing whereby he don't have any jobs on hand, or your job you offer a high enough price for him to do. But sometimes cannot blame contractor, because sometimes a job is really not worth doing regardless the pay. On the other hand there are times whereby contractors go up and take measurements discussing quotations etc then suddenly home owner disappear, which indirectly waste the contractor time and effort
  4. hello one advise. dont pay them the full amount at one go. i can think of so many different ways this can go so bad for you...
  5. aiya... all the ID sure use this to sell more exp to make more money.... u give me any changes i also will tell u because of this change pricing increase.... ID pattern more than badminton one la... if me i also will say more expensive but okay la honestly speaking is abit more expensive...
  6. general tips on how to choose IDs i think there are only two categories of designers/IDs out there, experienced and inexperienced. first i wanna talk about inexperienced. how you tell if he is inexperienced? the easiest way to tell is u think whether he hao seh kia (young man) or not. you ask how many projects he do he may lie to u also. but unless you can read people very well then u can ask him how many years u in this, how many projects u do before. if yes u think he is young then most likely, but not always, is inexperienced. cause young, didnt do much projects before, or even worst you are his first project. bad points - easily cock up, a lot of mistakes can happen. renovation mistakes etc if no one guides good points - you as homeowner can bully him. ask him do free thing, give discount etc.most of the time he will give in. also he maybe more responsible, higher chance of him being a good guy, have heart and be responsible. ( no guarantee) experienced - he look old, answer fast, knows his stuff good points - he knows his stuff, most likely wont make mistake bad points - he sure treat u as carrot chop, always got VO. but sometimes the VO is really need to do one... u sure cannot bully him/pressure him to do free stuff/give discount etc etc.
  7. got. but cannot recommend. because they never pay me to help them advertise so cannot. but even if they pay me then my lobang is biased. so cannot
  8. hi thanks for reading online got the list of HDB registered contractors. whether they got GST or not i also dont know. u one by one call them then will know, because i never use before designer. and contractor is use mouth open price to me one so they got gst or not i also dont know.
  9. different people different price lor... what type of material. how thick your wall. for what purpose, partition can anot. etc etc etc so many variables.... want to know the price, you ask 10 different contractors, the pricing they quote u is that pricing lor
  10. while scrolling around the forums, i keep noticing people doing referrals/ recommendations. so obvious lei.... where got people refer ownself one.... ok la... last time i myself also got refer my work to other people before.... so to all home owners, not to pin point any one ah... do your own homework is best la... dont people on forum say hey i got referral u blind blind listen.... most of the time its all the same person ah... meaning the guy recommending the designer/contractor is the designer/contractor himself... haha but sometimes also got real genuine cases la.... but some is really obvious la... i look at their company i laugh....
  11. LOL Brother one word of advice if you DIY the floor sure buay balance. not the same level. good luck
  12. hi guys i'll be sharing the full process of getting a renovation contractor to do up your house. I think there's at least like 10 seperate "chapters" on this simple procedure. Let me know what you guys think, and also feel free to ask me questions. cheers
  13. hi u find ID do or find contractor do? nowadays even contractor pricing also become ID pricing already by right is can support la..... but if anyhow do or worksmanship lousy then cannot support lor...
  14. Hi guys its me again. Anyways been thinking of writing up on contractors, anyone wanna contribute questions so I can know what you guys might be interested in?? Cheers
  15. Hi guys its me again. Anyways been thinking of writing up on contractors, anyone wanna contribute questions so I can know what you guys might be interested in?? Cheers
  16. Hi guys, its me again Been thinking about writing on contractors, anyone wanna ask any questions on the above topic?
  17. Hi hopefully i reply u in time. skirting is for mopping floor, you mop floor wont kanna the wall. you dont want to skirting also can. dont regret can liao. no compulsory one. cheers
  18. hi hopefully not too late to reply you Im going with the assumption that you have alot of time on your hands ah spend $20, buy home decor/ renovation magazines, flip and refer and find what you like. see something you like then you aga aga visualize see if can fit in your home anot. OR if you got measurements of your home already then you ask the carpenter if this one do at your home can or not. generally the carpenter can tell you can or cannot do and draw up a very rough sketch with basic measurements in place. but of course you might not be able to visualize until you see the physical thing in from of you. btw free lance designer/ID/ whatever title they call themselves also use this method... get inspiration from magazine/internet then draw and say its their design. never use freelance designer before. dunno price. even if got use before, there is no price to art. if your designer is pikaso he confirm charge 1000000 for just one drawing. 2. this one you give me 3 day 3 night i also cannot type finish. because you dont know/no exp/ not in this line, you sure kanna eat by your direct source/lobang. they say this thing cannot do, how you know they not lying what if they delay, somethings is go hand in hand one. example your painting delay then your carpentry wanna go up already but havent even paint. ( this one is small problem, but hopefully you get the point) coordinate not easy for someone without exp without someone to guide.there's so many varations. let me very briefly touch on all the above you mention. painting/electrical/carpentry. rule of thumb, there are many ways to go about doing it. painting, can do first or do last. do first of course easier to paint. electrical - if you already paint first then you do electrical then the plastic casing who paint. what type of electrical work you doing ( please dont reply this question and ask me what to do ) your cabinet inside got lighting/electrical stuff or not. if so you need run loose the wire first then carpentry go up then electrical come back another day after the carpentry is done to fix the points. ( this one dont understand ask the electrican ) carpentry - eg your worerobe got light inside or not. where to drill hole if got lightt, wiring run where. carpentry generally got a fixed measurements, like kitchen cabinet etc. your carpenter should know and hopefully will advise accordingly electrical , if say they shift electrical point, who cover the hole after shifting? what can go wrong will go wrong. so many things can go wrong. advice - i think everyone bound to have a friend who is in interior design. or know someone that does. pay him a small fee to coordinate your stuff. but dont pay me to help you coordinate . good luck. all the best
  19. hi hopefully not to late to reply you your carpenter from where one. you like that say maybe is those pirated ones..... you call as end consumer of course they charge you expensive ma... the $120, is what date, what series, all the details. your kitchen top what design their kitchen top what design etc..... they say their one better so sell more expensive lo.... why rolec more exp than citizen watch...
  20. the company you are getting the mirror from will recommend you the best dimension. if the thing drop, you can call the company that install for you to complain lo.....
  21. Apparently my website server crashed, my post and everything are gone. Apparently im not the only one.... oh well... Meanwhile if you have any questions feel free to ask me