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  1. hi Zero, Can u quote for : Fujioh hob FG3773 SV Borsch hob PBD 7331 SG Tecno hob T333TGSV Rinnai RB2CG Rinnai RB3CG - Inner Flame Turbo Hob (T7633G-OW) all using city gas Fanco FFM 2000 with 402-3L light kit Fanco Signature 2 with 402-3L light kit Thanks litechaser@hotmail.com
  2. My contractor in the biz for 30 years n a sole proprietorship...HDB licenced contractor ...seems OK ?
  3. contractors now v one kind...difficult to deal wif...sian
  4. Hi Nerrad, Thks for yr reply . It seems that all the contractors I approached have similar terms One got 'angry' when I proposed diff terms ! Pissed off . Could this be industry norm ??
  5. hi all, Am going to renovate my place soon and the contractors who I engaged directly ( no ID ) asked me to pay them 50% upfront and once project is half done, pay another 45% . Balance 5% to be paid when project is done. Is this the norm ? It seems risky as he can just run road once he collected the 95% right ? Any advice is deeply appreciated . Thanks
  6. Hi! Please pm me contractor's details and quotations if still available. Thanks! cybersurf2k@yahoo.com
  7. Hi Angel, can PM me the contact? cybersurf2k@yahoo.com
  8. hi sir, would appreciate Keong's contact anyone can help also ?. Thanks . cybersurf2k@yahoo.com
  9. Hi sir, Would appreciate if u could PM or email me his contact . Thanks so much. cybersurf2k@yahoo.com