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  1. Thank you! Hehehehe. Faster go buy! Our tree alone cost $177 (1.5m height) after a 15% discount (original $208 I think). We chose this type of tree leaves that looks more natural & does not "shed". They have other types of leaves that are cheaper...around $90+ I've sourced out IKEA & Giant Christmas trees. No doubt it's cheaper...but they look very sparse aka botak ><"
  2. Bought our 1st Christmas tree for our place! Last year we moved in during late December so not enough time to get it. Just to share, we bought our tree @ Daco in THE VERGE shopping mall (former tekka mall). Entire 5th floor are shops that sells everlasting flowers & plants, together with Christmas trees & decor of all sorts. They have so many nice plants & flowers that look so real! If I've known it earlier, would have go there earlier for everlasting flowers & plants to deco our place. >< Hope this info helps those who are moving in to your new home!
  3. Oh yea. Thanks for the heads up! I don't put food directly onto the sink though.
  4. Wah really shiny! I'll give it a try! Thank you for introducing it to me!
  5. WOW thanks Kara!!! Just to confirm, it's this right? http://www.selffix.com/store/products_details/120/3M--Stainless-Steel-Cleaner-and-Polish-14002 Do i have to spray on a completely dry sink? Leave it overnight and wash it down the next day?
  6. @Catt The book cases were empty when the IKEA guys fixed up...and it's already slanted. When we put the books in, it slant even more obviously hahaha @kstoh yes it does come with the bracket. But we didn't want to drill it onto the wall as we want the flexibility to shift them if we need to. If not for the flexibility needed, we will have just do build-in cabinets le...which will be sooo much nicer. Maybe next time... upgrade haha.
  7. We didn't drill the bookcases together. ><" Didn't thought of that also haha.
  8. So beautifulllllll!!!Love the color combi & everything! Look like some atas hotel with homey feel!
  9. I also liked how Billy bookcase looked at IKEA showroom! So we bought 2 sets for our new home, got IKEA to deliver + install the bookcase for us. Lo and behold... the 2 sets of bookcase slant away from each other, leaving an ugly gap in between! The IKEA guys told us if we want them to stand straight, need to drill the bookcase with its bracket to the wall If i want to drill it to the wall...i might as well do customize cabinets right? anyway just FYI... hope it helps.
  10. Cordless Vacuum Update Last Friday we went to buy our wireless vacuum! After reading some reviews, besides Dyson which seems to reign in the cordless vacuum world now, Bosch seems to be another good brand that have positive reviews for their cordless vacuum. When I reach Courts Megastore, the Bosch counter sales person was doing a demo for another couple looking at their handheld vacuum. That particular model's suction power looked fantastic! It's Bosch newest model... and so... the price is pretty steep too. Think it's a better model if you need it for more heavy-duty cleaning? I just need something basic that can do it's job well as a vacuum. Anyway, I've done some research & narrowed down to a particular model and straight away asked for a demo on that. Asked the sales person to pour out those dust/hairs/rubbish many times and tried the vacuum on both power mode 1 & 2, as well as the small handheld -> which can suck up coins! We were pretty happy with the demo and it felt right. So we bought it I've read / heard of bad reviews that handheld vacuum doesn't "work" = not powerful enough to do it's job. Pretty bad uh ><" Thank God this Bosch model turned out greattt! It picked up whatever that needed to be vacuumed... hairsss, dust, particles, hay (rabbits' room) etc. I'm SO HAPPY it worked so well for us!!! Paired this vacuum with Magic's Clean (wet wipes from JapanHome), my floor is now FINALLY dust free! I love squeaky clean floors!
  11. I think the cleaning & buying of stuff never really ends ><""" hahaha...
  12. *Went to dig for aircon invoice* Ah found it! Bought ours from Gain City, system 4 cost S$4169. Not too sure each model represent what thing... but based on my guess... MXY4A28VA x 1 (compressor/motor) MSYGE10EVA x 3 (bedroom units) MSYGE24VA x 1 (living room unit) Yay to crispy luncheon meat! hahaha. The model i got is the smaller one (70cm i think). They have another one that's longer (90cm)... both same price & function, just that one is wider. As we wanted more counter space, we opt for the shorter model. If you always cook using wok & big pots, can consider the wider model (if space allows) As for Bosch oven timer, i think can read their instruction manual. My hubby read it & told me how it works. I love their air ventilation technology. They called it "3D Hotair". So far our baked food (fish, meat, pork) turns out well You can check out Bosch hob, hood & oven set promo from Gain City & HoeKee
  13. I'm using Mitsubishi Starmex System 4. So far very good. Cold & quiet. My parents' place have been using starmex for many years & it's still working well. My dad also told us the electricity bill dropped ever since they change to Starmex inverter. I'm loving my Bosch Tempered Glass Hob (PBD7331SG) ! Super powerful flame & allows great control over flame's power. Give you one example...when i cook luncheon meat (lol), i like it crispy. Last time when i cooked using other stove at my parents & in-laws, it will took super long for the lunchon meat to crisp up. Not anymore with Bosch! Hehehe. And because the control over the flame is good, i can always lower the flame to minimum (especially with eggs) w/o ceasing it. Bosch slim-line hood is good for normal cooking too. I'm also using their build-in oven.
  14. I shall try your baking soda + salt method. Or maybe vinegar & melamine sponge. Vinegar maybe can uh...cos we use that to wash our bunnies' pee pans hahaha.
  15. Super love your marble vanity set! SO CHIO (minus the fact that it's a bit damaged).
  16. Your writing are so humorous! Especially how you deal with reno set-backs! you will made a good script writer uh Anyway, looking forward to see your reno complete! So exciting to see the outcome of having knocked down 1 room & transform it to be part of the living room.
  17. Congrats on your new home! Very unique yet very comfortable to the eyes! Love your MBR settee too
  18. Your home is so charming! Love all the colors & detailing!
  19. Thank you Kara! I heard a lot of good reviews for Dyson vacuum... but the cost seems too much for me to swallow for a vacuum... ><""" Does your Black & Decker steam mop comes with vacuum option? Can share what model & how much you got it for? Think i saw Selfix have a lot of B&D. I tried melamine sponge n it helps a bit... not bright/clean enough. I will try your baking soda + salt idea when i polish my sink next round! I didn't know need to leave the baking soda on it for so long. I just pour it all over together with white vinegar, then polish & wash off. hahaha.