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  1. Hi! Enjoy to read ur blog, can pm me contractor A & Prosterroster K contact? Thx
  2. Hi yooooz, wondering u received quote fr sky id? Any free item they give? Actually there was a post abt them few yrs ago, and the owner mentioned tat he got lot of free item given by his id, shown it to my id, he said nowadays they don give such things...
  3. Hi ryvian,can u pls share the Steven's & a/c contacts to me? Thx
  4. Then possible next mth loh. Hmmmm, wan to rush for cny or not???
  5. Hello everyone, I m fr 889A. So far meet 2 id already, waiting quotation fr them now. For me, hope tat key collection will b after cny. http://www.ownhome.sg/progress-detail/treetrail-woodlands But look like my blk going to complete soon
  6. Why don install multipoint instant water heater? Saw ppl install it at common toilet n able to supply hot water to both toilets. I may consider to install it for my coming bto
  7. Congratulations mama to be! Enjoyed reading ur blog, I notice tat u mentioned u spent 3.8k for 6 air-con units, u installed 2 system-3 non inverter type? If not, how come so cheap?
  8. Hi, can u pm me Steven & Mr K contact? Thanks
  9. Really enjoyed reading ur postings and love viewing pic of ur decos. I even screenshot lot of photo/info fr ur t-blog. Now I m searching contractor/id to reno our coming new house, so can u pls pm me the contacts and the costs for the following: 1/ Contractor 2/ Blinds 3/ Storage racks And also, any review of ur contractor? Did u need to frequently show yourself for on-site supervising? Thanks