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  1. Hello @hohkeat, you mentioned you went SCT on contractor issue...mind sharing your experiences and how the SCT deals with contractor? I'm facing a horrific aircon work in my mom's flat, and instead of rectifying it from their own pocket due to their unprofessionalism, they asked that I pay them extra to get it repaired...when in the first place they did not do a good job. This is quite a big AC company with own tiny building along little road. 


    Is your experience similar?

  2. Recently spoke to a contractor who was reasonable and sincere. Here's what he said: Made-in-China Most (if not all) flooring products today are produced in China. Made in China doesn't immediately mean "Poor Quality" There are also good and reputable "Made-in-China" flooring products sold here in Singapore eg: ceramic tiles, marbles, laminates and vinyl floors Herf vs Vinyl All the same. Multi-layered PVC flooring. PVC flooring have been around for a long time. Roll form, 2mm thick plastic vinyl floors. Still available today! As mine is a resale unit and the current ceramic floor is still ok, the contractor advise me to do overlay. All 3 options of Ceramic, Laminate and Vinyl can be considered for overlay but.... Strongly advised not to opt for laminate. Am trying to fix up appointment to meet the contractor. Hope to have more info to share... Thanks!
  3. Simon, I've gone through some small claims but never on late completion of reno works. You can PM me. Best to keep such info to ourselves. Many contractor friends lurking here...
  4. I think this is similar to the cash back situation in property sales. cash back is illegal.
  5. agree. best to keep it simple with less or no stress.
  6. Just went for our 1st apt at HDB last week. Came across some ID shops nearby and did some checking. Can't decide which ID to work with. Most are too eager to give promises and assurance... with some not able to answer questions directly Wifey and I have decided not to rush but to take it slow on this reno thing. Headache...
  7. Thanks Clifflee. We are not looking at Laminate. It's either Vinyl or we stick to tiles. Can you share a little about your Vinyl? Is it the same quality and/or does it look the same as those from Evorich, Inovar and Supreme? Thanks!
  8. Hi tofudr, Mind sharing what you meant by "better" in terms of quality? What must we look out for when comparing the quality of vinyl between Evorich, Inovar, Supreme and etc.? Problem is they all looked the same. And we had one contractor who showed us a vinyl that looked exactly the same with Evorich, Inovar and Supreme but much cheaper. He even took out his keys and started scratching the vinyl quite hard but we couldn't really see any scratch marks. Another contractor who was proposing laminate also said that all vinyl floors come from china. Is this true? The same contractor also said that the laminate floor which he was proposing is water proof laminate and that the advantage is that it is thicker than vinyl. Looks like we may have to give up on vinyl or laminate and go back to tiles....
  9. Hi Everyone, My current floor is ceramic tile and we are considering to change it. Several of the IDs we spoke to proposed "overlay" with vinyl and one suggested laminate which was cheaper. While we understand that to change the tiles with new tiles would be a massive project (hacking and all...) Can some kind soul please advise if overlay with vinyl is a good option? What are the Pros and Cons. After much talking to ID contractors, we now have the understanding that all the vinyl floor from Evorich, Inovar, Supreme and etc... are the same. Is this true? One contractor even gave me a vinyl floor that looked exactly the same like Evorich, Inovar and Supreme but much cheaper! Headache....
  10. Hi Panjangowner, Mind sharing what's wrong with the quotation? Sorry, I am new to this renovation thing as well... Having a hard time select a good ID. Thanks